(Compiled by Greta M. Kessenich, Registrar, Nomenclature Department) p. 42







SAPPHO F 3 (Poetess) (Nassos Daphnis, New York), Aug. 24, 1995. Seedling number D-218, parentage F2 A x F2 B. First year bloomed 1965. Light purple to red hybrid, single. The mystery and the presence of this flower is unique of which one could write a beautiful poem. I am sure that Sappho could. Good substance, stamens, pollen, no seeds, fragrant. Reliable, one bud per stem and the amount of bloom varies (10-20). Good stem strength, grows 3-5 feet and blooms late May. Good vigor, light green foliage. Colored slide. Bulletin #296.

SEA OF TRANQUILITY (William Gratwick), registered by Lee Gratwick, Pavilion, NY, June 26, 1996. Seedling # - Chugai seedling. Parentage unknown. First bloomed 1960. This Moutan is a pure white, semi-double tree peony. It has stamens, pollen and seeds, most reliable, good substance, with one bud per stem. 10-15 blooms a plant, vigorous, with green foliage. Grows to 4-5 feet and blooms in late May. The flower is so pure and elegant that it seems to exist only in the fantasy world. The three rows of petals are arranged in perfect order which seems as the white waves are immersed from the center to the outer space. Photo on file.

SEPTEMBER (G. D. Bowne), Edinboro, PA, Nov. 12, 1994. This is a sport of an unnamed tree peony. First bloomed 1992. A cupped yellow flower with basal blotch, with stamens, seeds and pollen, fragrant. Grows to 6 feet and blooms in late Summer and/or early Fall. This plant has only two stems to date with medium-sized flowers. The blooming season has been the same for three years. This plant comes from the roots in the center of the parent plant. Bulletin #293.

SNOW THUNDERSTORM (Sir Peter Smithers, Switzerland), Sept. 11, 1992. Seedling #30358, single pure white tree peony. Parentage P. suffruticosa Rock's Variety. Open pollinated, probably by Godaishu. First bloomed 1992. The flower has nine broad petals, opens flat when mature, 9" in diameter, white capsule, a very elegant single flower. Good stem strength, blooms the end of April. Foliage is green, no trace of red. It has pollen and stamens. To be propagated by Michel Riviere Nursery, France. Bulletin #285.

STALWART ROSE (Chris Laning), 553 West F. Ave., Kalamazoo, Michigan, July 9, 1996. No seedling #. Parentage unknown. First bloomed about 1980. Bloom size, 7" in diameter. This Moutan tree peony is rose pink, with deeper flares, filaments, sheath and stigma. It is single to semi-double, flat form, good substance. Reliable. Stamen, pollen seeds, one-four buds per stem, good stem strength, 48" height, 42" wide, early bloom, vigorous, good foliage. This tree peony was grown by Chris Laning from Domoto seed. Selected by Bill Seidl in 1987 who saw it in the Laning garden, in two long rows of moutan seedlings. It was superior in size and uprightness. Registered by Caprice Farm Nursery, Sherwood, Oregon 97140.

SUZANNE RIVIERE (Sir Peter Smithers, Switzerland), Feb. 7, 1994. Seedling #31358, tree peony. Parentage, Japanese tree peony, a self-sown seedling. First bloomed 1988. Pure white double, no flare, of good substance, stamens, white capsule, pollen and seeds. No fragrance. The stem strength is very stout, rather short growth, freely branching, a vigorous plant. No red line on leaf petiole. Grows to four feet in height and blooms mid - season. Probably pollinated by Godaishu or one of the several Japanese white doubles. The flower has an unusual V-shaped form and very prominent pale green petioles. A good ornamental plant when in full bloom. Bulletin #290.