(Compiled by Greta M. Kessenich, Registrar, Nomenclature Department) p. 43







THALIA BC 3 (one of the Three Graces) (Nassos Daphnis, New York), August 24,1995. Seedling number D 511. Hybrid, dark pink, single to semi-double, two rows of petals. The color is light red to dark pink with bluish overcast. It is very graceful with the petals forming two circles around the base in a perfect harmony. Good substance, stamens, pollen, and no seeds, fragrant. Reliable, one bud per stem, amount of bloom varies (10- 20). Good stem strength, 4-5 feet in height, blooms in late May, light green foliage, vigorous. Colored slide. Bulletin #296.

TOICHI RUBY (Toichi Domoto), Hayward, California, 1986. Tree peony, seedling number known as Domoto dark red. Parentage, probably all Moutan blood. Bloomed about 1970. Ruby red rose flowering. Excellent amount of bloom, well-formed bush with flowers held upright and over the plants' foliage. Attractive ruby red blossoms. Reliable, with pollen, seeds and stamens, also fragrant. 48" in height, early and good foliage. Bulletin #259.

URANIA BC 1 (Muse of Astronomy) (Nassos Daphnis, New York), August 24, 1995. Seedling number D-207, parentage Golden Bowl F1 x (Moutan) Companion of Serenity. First bloomed 1965. Hybrid. Golden yellow, single, with two rows of petals. Small red flares from the base of each petal. It looks like a bright star in the sky. Good substance, stamen and pollen. No seeds, fragrant, the amount of bloom varies. Good stem strength, height 4 feet, blooms in late May. Vigorous with light green foliage, reliable, one bud per stem. Colored slide. Bulletin #296.

WAITAWA GLORIOUS (B & O Slater, Timaru, New Zealand), Sept. 1, 1994. Seedling #9. Single tree, with parentage, a seedling of Smimow. First bloomed 1989. This reliable tree peony has red flowers up to 8" in diameter with green leaves tinged with bronze, turning all bronze in the Fall. It has robust stems, growing to 4 feet, blooming in mid-season, good vigor, pollen, seeds and fragrant, with a prolific amount of bloom. Registered by Allan L. Rogers, Caprice Farm Nursery, Sherwood, Oregon. Bulletin #292.

WAUCEDAH PRINCESS (David Reath, Vulcan, Michigan), March, 1988. Lutea hybrid tree peony. Seedling #M-222-D. First bloomed 1985. Parentage Lutea #14 x Shintenchi. Lavender pink, semi-double, ruffled petals with deeper lavender-red flares. A mound type plant, very floriferous with bloom of 40 or more petals. Slender but strong stems. On F1 hybrid, therefore not especially fertile. Picture in the new American Tree Peony book. Bulletin #266.

ZLATA'S JENNIE (Zlatana Jennie Draskovich), Gary, Indiana, Nov. 13,1994. Seedling #013, parentage: Saunders High Noon x Daphnis Leda. First bloomed 1993. This tree is yellow with red edging. Good substance, 6-8" fully double blooms. Very reliable, has seeds, pollen and stamens. It does have weak stems,, grows to 25 in. height., extremely hardy.. Zlata's Jennie is a fully double bomb-shaped bloom on a medium green tree peony. Mildly fragrant. The large blooms are held high on weak stems. The yellow petals with mauve red edges are very ruffled. Bulletin #293.