PEONY Registrations in Bulletin 309















DAWN WINGS (G. D. Whitsett, Decatur, Illinois), Oct. 31, 1998. Parentage: Serenade F3 seed, 1983 seed exchange. Hybrid, first bloomed 1985, selected 1988. Clear white with startling coral stigmas, form unpredictable double, semi-double single chalice. Large bloom held just above excellent dark green foliage, matures early. Stems adequate until loaded with huge seed pods, vigorous, fast increase. Tetraploid.

DEAR EMMA (G. D. Whitsett, Decatur, Illinois), Oct. 31, 1998. Parentage: from mixed tet. seed, 1983 seed exchange. Bloom/plant selected 1988. Medium pink gradually fading to white chalice of extra heavy substance. Blooms just above the clean dark green foliage. Heavy petals remain firm until maturity of plant. This hybrid remains green all season - large heavy seed pods. Excels in vigor, beauty and durability. As dependable as my great aunt for whom this plant is named who died in 1996 and was always superbly sturdy and substantial. Tetraploid.

VANILLA SWIRL (G. D. Whitsett, Decatur, Illinois), Oct. 31, 1998. Hybrid, clear light yellow. Parentage: from Serenade F3 seed exchange. First year bloomed 1985, selected 1988. Stems adequate until loaded with heavy seed pods. Dark green foliage to grown 30-35 inches in height, single to semi-double, bloom just above the plant. Vigorous, heavy increase, dependable, good substance. Tetraploid.

DEVOTED GRETA (S. Steve Varner, Monticello, Illinois), Dec. 20, 1998. Seedling #95025, hybrid, single, semi-double. Parentage: Inspiration x Old Faithful. First bloomed in 1994. This dark bright red from rose side is a good garden subject, three-year-old clump had 40 stems with a bloom on every stem. Most reliable. Stems are stiff and strong, 34", excellent vigor, blooms early, mid-season. A multiple petaled single. This garden valuable plant has color that carries 40 yards.

CORRECTION - for the record - the Registration of Sandras Red -Rosé (Hall) should always have the accent on the E, as written.

SIR PETER SMITHERS (Michel Riviere, Riviere Nursery, France), Nov. 17,1998. Seedling #849302, first bloomed 1993, hybrid, suffruticosa, one-half double. Parentage: Rocks Variety. Pink mixed purple up to white with purple black spot. The plant has a great number of large buds, opens to enormous flowers 30cm in size. The color is dark purple pink up to pale pink with later white at sides. A purple black spot in the center and numerous purple pink spots in the petals. The flower stands well above the foliage on very strong stems, average height, blooms early, vigorous. Has stamens, pollen and seeds, reliable. The foliage is flat green with purple eyes.

JACQUELINE FARVACQUES (Michel Riviere, Riviere Nursery, France), November 1998. Seedling #8492. First bloomed 1992. Double suffruticosa. Parentage unknown. Pink, flat form, has stamens, and pollen. Good substance, reliable. A vigorous plant with very large flowers (25-30cm) and many petals. The color is pink shaded in center, and toward the edges almost pearly white, red flares. Very high plant with strong stems - blooms in late April. Clear green foliage.

VALSE DE VIENNE (Michel Riviere, Riviere Nursery, France), November 1998. First bloomed 1981, single suffruticosa. Parentage: Mizukage x unknown. Pure pink flower RHS 68A, up to 68C toward the edges. Capsule (RHS 86A) sometimes crinkled petals. Stamens, pollen and seeds, reliable, very strong stems holding flower above the foliage, medium height, blooms at mid-season. Clear green foliage. A vigorous plant.

MR. GEORGES CASSAGNE (Michel Riviere, Riviere Nursery, France), November 1998. First bloomed 1985, single suffruticosa. Parentage: Kim-pukurin by unknown. Light red cup-shaped flower, stamens, pollen and seeds. Good substance, abundant amount of bloom. The recurved petals have outer edges rimmed with green and white. Good stem strength, average height, blooms very early, vigorous. An attractive and marvelous plant for the garden.

MADAME LEO FERNIG (Michel Riviere, Riviere Nursery, France), November 1998. Seedling #S315, suffruticosa. Parentage: Kokuryunishiki x unknown. First bloomed 1989. This full large flat flower is red purple (57 B a d). Good substance, most reliable, has pollen and seeds. Very large buds, light pink nearly white, flower opening red, pink toward the border, strong stems, fairly short plant, vigorous. Average amount of late bloom, clear green compact foliage.

VICTOR LEMOINE (Michel Riviere, Riviere Nursery, France), November 1998.  Seedling #K85. First bloomed 1985, double suffruticosa. Parentage unknown. Curious color (RHS 84B) with sheens of blue, ball form, with stamens and pollen. Very good strong stem holding flower above the foliage, good substance, reliable. Capsule and stamens invisible. Named in memory of the work of the genius VICTOR LEMOINE.

SYLPHIDE (Michel Riviere, Riviere Nursery, France), November 1998. Parentage: Mizukage x unknown, sister of Valse De Vienne. Pink/red (RHS 67A), single suffruticosa is cup-shaped with stamens, pollen and seeds. A reliable, vigorous plant with good bloom. The plant is big and robust, with good stem strength, tall, blooms in mid-season, with flowers above the foliage.

NUAGE ROUGE (Michel Riviere, Riviere Nursery, France), November 1998. Single suffruticosa, parentage Kimpukurin x unknown. First bloomed 1990. This red (RHS 57A) is a sister of Mr. George's Cassagne. A flat form of good substance with stamens, pollen and seeds. Medium height, large bloom above the foliage. It is red in color at center with a purple red capsule (RHS 60A). Edges of petal almost purple pink with sometimes 3-4 petals rimmed with white and green. Abundant amount of bloom, at mid-season.

MADAME MARCEL GAY (Michel Riviere, Riviere Nursery, France), November 1998.Seedling #8050N. Parentage: Ama-No-Sode x unknown. First bloomed 1988. Red (RHS 53C) Japanese lactiflora, has good substance, cup-shaped, nearly devoid of pollen and seed. Good stem strength, height 1.2m, a prolific amount of bloom, flowers up to 22 cm in diameter. Mid-season bloom, excellent plant.

FEU D'ARTIFICE (Michel Riviere, Riviere Nursery, France), November 1998. Seedling #7510N. Parentage unknown. First bloomed 1986. Japanese lactiflora. Red-cupped flower has no pollen or seeds. It is reliable with 3-4 buds per stem, double row of red guard petals, (guard petals and center same color), just some staminodes yellow pointed. Good substance, good stem strength, many flowers, large, and luxurious foliage. Blooms late to mid-season.