PEONY Registrations in Bulletin 313

Jean Erickson

Blushing Swan





Gold Cheer


Inger Molin



Miss Sweden

Snow Angel


Esther Heinzman

Gloria Jean

Kristin Joy

David Erickson

Echt Klasse

Big Boy

Jean Erickson (Mrs. Jean Erickson), December 6, 1999. Deep red Japanese. No pollen or seeds, good substance. One bud per stem with numerous side buds. Floriferous, side buds extend bloom time. This deep red Jap has a center the same shade as the outer petals when first opens. As flower ages the staminodes become silver tipped. Strong 38" stems, mid-season bloom, vigorous grower. Photographs. Registration received from Bob Yaremko, Canada.

Blushing Swan (Harry Heineman, 673 Parish Road, Scituate, MA 02066). Semi-double Japanese, white blushed with pink. This plant came from my seedling bed in my garden. It is open pollinated. Excellent stem strength, vigorous, and good attractive foliage. It has a good substance, a flat form. Arranged for a commercial man to take vover this plant. Photograph on file.

The following eleven Registrations are from Hermann Krupke. 52495. Ljung. Sweden (From seeds mostly received from Chris Laning, but also some from own crosses, I have raised some interesting plants, most of them singles, but beautiful indeed.)

Anne-Christine. a seedplant after Nippon Gold, named after our eldest daughter. Japanese flowers of mid-size, pure white bowl-formed outer petals, intense yellow center, light green pistil, red marked pistil. The plant grows well upright, about 90cm high.

Bingo, a seedling number 88271, Mikado open pollinating. Japanese flowers like White Cap but midpuff, more pinkish. Flowers keep well, often admired and desired by visitors. Sturdy, strong stems, and healthy plant with dark green leaves.

Bjorn-Olof 86071 US Sanctus x Silver Dawn is a compact growing off hybrid with thick but weak stems, especially when cut. Double champagne tinted pink with enhancing mixed scent of rose and lily. Makes seeds, no stamen nor pollen.

Christina, seeding #85101, single hybrid, between Otto Frobel seedling and Coral Charm as pollen parents. Flowers single red, average yellow pollen center, light green hairy pistil pink stigma.. Pollen fertile; so far no seeds. Late blooming for a hybrid. A high plant, that makes 3 to 4 sidebuds, which is unusual for red hybrids.

Gold Cheer, seedlings #8218, is a group of plants from a cross P. off. rosea plena with pollen from P. peregrina. Flowers globular, single red, rich pollen and good fertility. F2 second and third generations are interesting. Some interesting doubles have appeared. Plants, especially leaves, remind of P. peregrina, and need some support. High 50-60cm.

Guldsmedsgarden seedling #90124. As a lactiflora, very early blooming. Flowers full double gold yellow intermingled with pollen, strengthening the yellow tint. There is a good spice scent of cloves. Light hairy pistil and red stigma, filaments light. Flowers become 15cm wide, good fertility. Two-three sidebuds, a very lovely and most interesting creation, fertile. Healthy plant of lactiflora-type, about 1 mtr. Good upright growth.

Inger Molin (81033) seedplant from Christ Laning's US seeds Moonrise. Flowers in the middle of hybrids and lactiflora, blushing shell pink, globular before opening. Pronounced hairy carpel, red stigma, yellow filaments and anthers. Light fragrance, few seeds. Very healthy and stable growth, only one flower per stem.

Königsberg (8809) is a cross P. tenuifolia rubra plena x veitchii. Nodding red flowers 8-9 cm wide. Both single and double flowers appear. Outer petals with a very smooth border. Hairy pistil, red stigmas. Blushing filaments, yellow anthers. Few seeds when pollinated with other tenuifolias. Plant almost 1 mtr. high, foliage remains on tenuifolias but more coarse (about 300 seeds gave 115 plants; only one single of them got wonderful; the rest made only deformed flowers).

Michen (84044), seedplant from Chris Lanings US cross LeCharm x Bowl of Cream - 10 seeds gave 4 plants, all were completely double. A healthy plant with perfect upright growth. Strong stems. Most perfectly built flowers, blushing pink outer petals, lighter, great dense ball center. Late, long lasting, good for cutting.

Miss Sweden, seedplant of Miss America. Lactiflora healthy plant of average size, strong, sturdy stems. Becomes blushing, full double flowers of medium size when established well. Purer white toward the center intermingled with yellow stamens. Pleasant, fresh, almost daring fragrance.

Snow Angel, seedplant #79061 US seed from Archangel, typical widely-grown healthy hybrid plant. Nicely formed pure white semi-double 6" flowers, red stigma, two to three sidebuds. Fresh fragrance, about 70cm high. Fertile.

Basia (pronounced Bosch), (Don Hollingsworth/Dale Heinzman), Seedling #1460. Parentage Opha - open pollinated, seed from Gilbert Wild and Son Nursery. First bloomed in 1977. Double form lactiflora, all white, stamens light yellow - pollen and seeds. Vigorous. Midseason to late bloom, large deep green foliage. Height 44 inches, 2-3 buds per stem. Stem is strong but it leans with open flower. Registered by Dale Heinzman, Geneva, NY, January 2000. Named for my wife.

Esther Heinzman (Don Hollingsworth/Dale Heinzman), January 2000. Japanese lactiflora. Parentage - Polar Star/ pollen parent, Cytherea. First bloomed before 1980. Guard petals are white, staminodes - medium yellow, flush red at the base. Reliable, good substance, 3-4 buds per stem. Good stem strength, 44-48 inches in height. Mid to late bloom. Seedling # Hollingsworth 1887. Registered by Dale Heinzman, Geneva, NY. Named for mother.

Gloria Jean (Chris Lanning), January 2000. Itoh (intersectional) of unknown parentage. Has pollen but has produced no seeds. Plant is 3 ft. tall and flowers are large, single, dark pink and yellow mix. Vigorous, dark green foliage.

Kristin Joy (Chris Lanning), January 2000. Advanced generation tetraploid hybrid (lobata F 3 or 4). Tall, vigorous plant, dark gree foliage. Flower is large (8 inches), bright red single. Has pollen but very few seeds. Easy to divide and propogate. Blooms mid-season.

David Erickson (R. W. Tischler) 1999. Parentage unknown. Dark red bomb type. Very fine red stammens, tipped with yellow. Excellent foliage 30 to 32" tall. Blooms mid-season. Very colorful.

Echt Klasse (German EKT Klasse) Hollingsworth/Reinermann 2000. Parentage seed, Karl Rosenfield; pollen #95 (Officinals X Peregina). First bloomed before 1980. Semi-double, herbaceous hybrid, scarlet red, light yellow anthers. Flat form, twenty or more guard petals. Large flower set close to the bush, 24-26 inches in height. Large flower, medium green foliage, erect stems. Blooms early to midseason. Summer deciduous. Has pollen and stamens. One bud per stem.

Big Boy (E.L. Pehrson) Single herbaceous hybrid. Parentage Seed of unnamed bomb lactiflora, pollen, Archangel. White, first bloomed before 1980. Single, flat form, stamens, pollen and seeds. Reliable. One or two buds per stem. Height 30 inches early to midseason bloom. Good stem strength. Registered Don Hollingsworth. January 20, 2000.