Paeonia 'Feather Top' = Innovation

type : lactiflora

FEATHER TOP (Wild 56-72) Novelty. 6-7 rows of outer petals, band of yellow staminodes, topped by a cluster of rose pink petals. Flower 5 ½ " deep, 6 ½ ''across. Stiff stems. Bulletin #186 September 1967.

INNOVATION (Wild 57-44) Red novelty, similar to W56-72. Registered by Gilbert H. Wild & Son. Bulletin #186 September 1967.

INNOVATION (Wild, 1970) (W57-44) - Double. Red novelty is similar in pattern to W56-72 (Named Feather Top ).

This picture is from Joe Shroer. For large resolution pictures of this cultivar look in the 'Gallery' of the Heartland Peony Society's Website www.peonies.org .


Feather Top (Wild, 1970) Rose-pink, Japanese, midseason, 32" tall, lactiflora cultivar. Unusual shaped bloom with a pouf of slightly lighter pink petals out of the center surrounded by golden staminodes. A real charmer!