Hong Deyuan, Pan Kaiyu & Turland, Nicholas J. 2001 Paeoniaceae in

Flora of China, vol. 6

This Flora has been published online on http://flora.huh.harvard.edu/china/mss/volume06/Paeoniaceae.pdf.

This is an HTML-copy illustrated with additional maps.

Comments and online-version in HTML (formatted from .pdf) by Dr.C.Burkhardt, Kolkwitz, Germany, 2002

This Flora of China contains the following updates & changes in the nomenclature of the chinese peonies:

1) The authors include some of Josef Halda's publications into the synonymy [P. suffruticosa Andrews var. jishanensis (T. Hong & W. Z. Zhao) Halda; P. suffruticosa Andrews var. qiui (Y. L. Pei & D. Y. Hong) Halda., P. suffruticosa Andrews subsp. ostii (T. Hong & J. X. Zhang) Halda., P. franchetii Halda; P. handel-mazzettii Halda; P. obovata subsp. japonica (Makino) Halda; Paeonia emodi Wallich ex Royle subsp. sterniana (H. R. Fletcher) Halda. P. veitchii subsp. altaica (K. M. Dai & T. H. Ying) Halda], but leaving behind a number of other changes in the nomenclature introduced by Josef Halda.

2) The authors separate P. anomala from P. intermedia, thus following the russian view of these species.

3) They reduce P. veitchii to a subspecies of P. anomala; P. japonica to a synonym of. P. obovata ssp. obovata. and treat P. sinjiangensis and P. altaica as synonyms of P. anomala.

4) The widely discussed problem of P. suffruticosa ssp. yinpingmudan is still unresolved (Stephen Haw 2001, Irmtraud Rieck 2002).

The given geographical data allow to produce a map of the continuous spread of the dissected-leaved herbaceous peonies:

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