List of Breeders, Growers, Nurseries, Etc.

(*=Commercial growers; Nurseries contemporary, USA)

* Alexander, Walter A., Joycelyn Gardens, Bowling Green, Ohio, 1892- . President American Peony Society 1954-56, Chairman of Committee for National Peony Garden, King-wood Center, Mansfield, Ohio. 1892.

Allison, Francis H., 1867-1955, Auburndale, Mass. (Partner of Shaylor)

Anderson, Miss Clara, Van Wert, Ohio. Died 1927. Snowed variety Jubilee to Lee R. Bon-newitz and thus interested him in peony growing.

Andrews, D. M., Boulder, Colo., 1869-1938. Nurseryman and breeder.

Arends, George, Ronsdorf, Germany, 1863-1952, founded nursery 1888.

*Atha Gardens, West Liberty, Ohio. Importers and growers.

Auten, Edward, Jr., Princeville, Ill.,1881- and son Robert M., nurserymen and breeders.

*Babcock Peony Gardens, Jamestown, N. Y. Grant B. Babcock, 1867-1947.

Barr, Peter, London, 1825-1909. Founder of firm of Barr and Sons, seedsmen.

Bernstein, John W., Lincoln, Nebr. 1884-1953.

Betscher, Carl, Canal Dover, Ohio, 1866-1951.

*Bigger, Myron D., Route 4, Topeka, Kansas, 1902- . President of the American Peony Society 1958-9. Nurseryman and breeder.

Bockstoce, W. S., Pittsburgh, Pa., 1876-Breeder of officinalis hybrids.

* Brand, A. M., Brand Peony Farms, Faribault, Minn., 1871-1953. Joined his father, O. F. Brand, in nursery business in 1899. Director American Peony Society for 31 years and President 1925-1927.

Brand, Oliver Franklin, Faribault, Minn., 1844-1921, established nursery in Faribault 1867.

Brethour, Dr. Frederick G., Toronto, 1869- 1939.

Calot, Jacques, Douai, France C. 1850-72. C. 1850 secured peony collection of Comte de Cussy. Then introduced many seedlings. Sold collection to Crousse in 1872.

*Chautauqua Flowerfields, Greenhurst, N. Y.

*Cherry Hill Nursery, West Newbury, Mass. T. C. Thurlow, later Thurlow and Stranger.

Christman, William Frank, Minneapolis, Minn., and Northbrook, 111., 1877-1955. President American Peony Society and Secretary 1924-1951.

Cooper, Dr. H. C., Portland, Ore., 1858-1924.

Cousins, L. W., London, Ontario, 1888. Breeder.

Crousse, Felix, Nancy, France, 1840-1925. Acquired Comte de Cussy's collection from Calot in 1872. Breeder.

Dessert, Auguste, Chenonceaux, France, 1859-1929. Probably the greatest French peony breeder.

Doriat et Fils, La Pallisse (Allier), France. Successors to Dessert.

Edlund, J. V., White Bear Lake, Mann. Prominent amateur grower.

*Falk, Mrs. Elizabeth Glasscock, Plainfield, 111., daughter of Lyman D. Glasscock.

Farr, B. H., Wyomissing, Pa. 1863-1924. Chief worker at Cornell Test Garden and later President of the Society. Nurseryman.

Fewkes, Arthur H., Newton Highlands, Mass. 1856-1933. First Secretary American Peony Society and President 1921-2. Breeder.

Franklin, Alonzo Barry, Franklin Nursery, Minneapolis, Minn. 1858-1944. Peony grower and breeder.

Freeborn, Mrs. E. O., Proctor, Vermont, 1874-. Breeder.

Gardner, Edward J., Horicon, Wis., 1891-1952. Nurseryman and breeder.

Glasscock, Lyman D., Elwood, 111. 1875-1952. Breeder. Succeeded by his daughter Mrs. Elizabeth Glasscock Falk.


Good and Reese Company, Nurserymen, Springfield, Ohio. Breeders.

Good and Welsh Company, Nurserymen, Springfield, Ohio. John M. Good and Ward Welsh, 1864-1927.

Goos and Koenemann Nursery, Niederwalluf, Germany. Active 1900-15, breeders.

Guerin, Modeste, Charonne, near Paris, ab. 1835-66. His collection sold to Mechin. Produced first varieties with a touch of yellow in them.

*Guille, Wahon J., Syosset, N. Y. 1891—Nurseryman and breeder.

Gumm, W. L., Remington, Ind. 1857-1932.Breeder.

Guppy, Col. Benjamin P., Melrose, Mass.Breeder. Died 1961.

Harding, Mrs. Edward, Fanwood, N. J. Author of The Book of the Peony—1917, and Peonies in the Little Garden—1923. Died 1938.

Harrison, Rev. C. S., York, Nebr. 1832-1919. Pioneer grower and writer on peonies.

Hebron Peony Farm, Hebron, Ill.

Hollis, George, Weymouth, Mass. 1839-1911. Pioneer grower and breeder.

Hoogendorn, Aart, Boskoop, Holland.

* Interstate Nurseries, Hamburg, Iowa. Introducers of Sass varieties.

Johnson, John M., Liberty, Ind. 1873, farmer and peony nurseryman.

*Jones, R. H., Tuckdawa Gardens, Peru, Ind. Breeder.

Kelsey, Ernest Flint, East Aurora, N. Y. 1871-1946. Breeder.

Kelway and Son, Nurserymen, Langport, England. Founded by James Kelway, 1851, continued by his son William, and grandson James 1871-1952. Breeders.

*Klehm, Charles, Arlington Heights, 111. 1867- 1957. Breeder.

Krelage, E. H., Haarlem, Holland. Growers of bulbs and herbaceous plants. Finest peony collection about 1850.

*Krekler, Wm. H., Somerville, Ohio and Whit-tier, Cal. 1900- Grower of 1300 varieties of peonies. Breeder.

Kriek, N. I. W., Cottage Gardens, Lansing, Mich. 1895. B. Leyden, Holland.

Kunderd, A. E., Goshen, Ind. Breeder, but most famous for gladiolus.

Lemoine, Victor, Nancy, France, 1823-1911. Emile Lemoine, 1862-1942. Breeders of lilacs and other shrubs, peonies and other herbaceous plants, etc.

Lemon, Nicholas, Porte Street, Denis, France. One of the first Europeans to grow peonies from seed.

Lewis, Mrs. John M., Copenhagen, N. Y. Breeder.

*Lins, E. H., Cologne, Minn., 1894— . Grower and breeder of peonies since 1926.

Little, Harry F., Camillus, N. Y., 1878-1947. Merchant and then commercial peony grower. Former President of American Peony Society.

Logging, Mrs. Evelyn, Norwich, Ontario. Breeder.

Mains, Walter, Belle Center, Ohio, 1880 Breeder.

*Massey, B. R., Pompton Plains, N. J. Peony grower.

Mechin, Etienne, France, 1815-1895, Grandfather of Auguste Dessert. Founded nursery in 1848.

Mielez, August, Esquermet, near Lille, France, d. 1860 catalogue 1849.

Millet, Lionel, Bourg-la-Reine (Seine), d. about 1940. Son of nurseryman Armand Joseph Millet. Breeder.

Minot, Charles Sedgwick, Boston, 1852-1914. Breeder.

* Mission Gardens, Techny, Illinois.

*Murawska, A. L., River Drive Gardens, River

Grove, 111. Breeder. Napier, R. A., 1865-1948, Blue Island, 111.

Peony grower. Neeley, Dr. John H., Paulding, Ohio, 1870-

1934. Peony breeder but most famous for

oriental poppies. Newhouse, Abraham (orig. Nieuwenhuyzen),

1877-1957. Cottage Gardens, Lansing, Mich.

Nicholls, Col. Jesse Crook, Ithaca, N. Y., 1874-1961. Breeder.

Paillet, J. B., Nursery, Chatenay, Seine. Famous peony growers.

Parmentier, Chevalier, Lord Mayor of Eng-heim, Belgium. His peony collection sold 1855 to Louis Van Houtte.

Payne, W. A., Terre Haute, Ind. Breeder.

Peyton, George W., Rapidan, Virgipia. Former President and long time Secretary American Peony Society.

Pfeiffer Nursery Company, Winona, Minn.

Pillow, James, Cold Spring, N. Y. 1861-1927. Breeder.

Pleas, Mrs. Sarah A., Dunreith, Ind., and Whittier, Calif. Began planting peony seedlings in 1855. Died 1928. Famous as raiser of Jubilee.

Prince, William, Flushing, Long Island. Famous pioneer nurseryman of late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Pritchard, Maurice, Nursery, Christ Church, England.

Rea, John L., Plattsburg, N. Y. 1882-1945. Breeder.

Richardson, John, Dorchester, Mass. 1798-1887. Pioneer peony raiser.

Riviere, Benoit, Lyon, France.

Rosenfield, J. F., Indianapolis, Ind. 1855-1934. Breeder.

*Rosefield, Reno, Rosefield Gardens, Tigard,Ore.

Salter, John, 1798-1879, England. Sarcoxie Nursery, see Wild. Sass, Hans Peter, Washington, Nebr. 1868-1949. Breeder.

*Saunders, A. P., Clinton, N. Y. 1869-1953, former Secretary and President of the American Peony Society. Breeder. Succeeded by Miss Silvia Saunders.

Scott, Arthur H., Media, Pa. 1875-1927. Amateur Peony grower and early Treasurer, American Peony Society.

Scott, Mrs. Arthur H., Media, Pa. 1875-1960. Amateur breeder.

Secor, Eugene, Forest City, Iowa, 1841-1919. Breeder, and daughter Miss Nina Secor, Forest City, Iowa.

Shaylor, Egbert Jerome, Auburndale, Mass. 1843-1926. Breeder.

Shrader, Mrs. Charles, Liberty, Indiana. Breeder. Active in 1940.

*Smirnow, Louis, Brookville, N. Y.

Smith, Harry L., Redkey, Ind. 1877. Breeder.

Snook, Judge John S., Paulding, Ohio, —1953. Breeder.

*Springbrook Nursery, Mentor, Ohio. Growers of perennials.

Stahley, Ernest I., Goshen, Ind. 1893-1952. Breeder.

Styer, Dr. J. Franklin, Nurseryman, Concord-ville, Pa. Grower of (peony) cut flowers.

* Sundown Gardens (E. and D. Knapp) Car-mel, Ind.

Terry, H. A., Crescent, Iowa, 1826-1909. Established nursery in 1855. Breeder.

Thompson, Robert A., West McHenry, 111. Breeder.

Thurlow, T. C., founded Cherry Hill Nursery, West Newbury, Mass. 1832. Sons—George C. Thurlow, 1881-1952, and Winthrop H. Thurlow. Breeder.

van Leeuwen, Leonard & Son, Sassenheim, Holland. Breeders.

van Steen, Julius, Crystal Lake, 111. 1877-1946. Breeder.

Verdier, Charles, Paris. 1824-1893. Had 250 varieties. Successor to his father in 1866; and Louis Eugene Verdier, 1827-1902.

Vories, Judge Laurence A. St. Joseph, Mo. 1863-1939. Breeder.

Ward, Charles Willis, Cottage Gardens, Queens, N. Y. 1856-1920. One of founders and first President American Peony Society.

Wassenberg, Charles F., Wassenberg Gardens. Van Wen, Ohio, 1875-1954. Merchant, later developing large peony and iris nursery. President of the American Peony Society, 1936-1938.

* Wayside Gardens, Mentor, Ohio.

Welsh, Ward, Springfield, Ohio. See Good and Welsh.

White, Dr. Earle B., former dentist, Kensington, Md. Later, Daytona Beach, Fla. Breeder.

Wigell, Howard E., Rockford, 111., 1893-1959, scientist.

*Wild, Gilbert H., & Sons, Sarcoxie, Mo., Son —Alan Wild, 1903. Breeders.

*Wild Bros., Sarcoxie Nurseries, Sarcoxie, Mo. Arthur Wild, grandson of Gilbert. Breeders.

Wood, L. F., Toronto, Canada. Breeder.