Albiflora X Coriacea

Coriacea, a species from Spain and the mountains of Morocco, happened to be in the collection of the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa where some of its pollen was obtained in 1928. A division of the plant itself reached Clinton in 1933 and bloomed the following spring. In 1928 and 1934, forty-eight crosses were made of coriacea with albiflora. Result: 186 seeds. Ultimate results: twenty-four plants. "I had no pollen again," Professor Saunders writes, "until 1940 when I made 16 crosses, and 1942 when I made 35. Total from these two years: 2 seeds!"

The hybrids resulting from the 1928 and 1934 crosses were thrown together, being all very similar, and introduced as a strain under the name "The Lavenders." With charming pale lilac flowers, these are distinguished and lovely plants. [52:]