Albiflora X "Ozieri Alba"

Seeds labeled "ozieri alba" were received from the world famous firm of Vilmorin, Andrieux & Cie, of Paris, in 1926. Seven germinated in 1928. Search through botanical and horticultural literature failed to reveal any mention of such a peony name. When the Vilmorins were questioned, they said the seeds had originally reached them from a correspondent whose name they had lost and they had no record of the matter, except that they had forwarded the seeds to America. Of such lack of records and resulting dead ends are many horticultural puzzles born.

Professor Saunders' notes say, "from its foliage it evidently belongs in the group Corallina - Broteri - Cambessedesi." He crossed it with albiflora in 1934, and got seven hybrid plants, which he later put together and introduced under the group named "Halcyon." Very early blooming, the waxy white flowers have marked purple flares suggesting white

Japanese tree peonies; these are prize plants. They even set seed with fair ease. "Ozieri alba" was also crossed with tenuifolia, in 1934, giving nine fine seeds.

Germination: zero. That seems to be the complete Clinton story of this plant of unknown origin.