Franz Wilhelm Sieber (1785-1844)

from Prague, who made a collecting journey to Crete in 1817, gathered then the white Cretan peony and from his material his compatriot I.F. Tausch (1793-1848) named it P. cretica in 1828. Unfortunately Sabine had validly published in 1824 the name P. cretica for a pink-flowered peony grown in the Oxford Botanic Garden which was not of Cretan origin. Since the Cretan peony lacked a legitimate name I (W.T.S.) accordingly named it P. clusii in honour of Charles de l’Escluse and this name with which I had annotated specimens in many herbaria from 1935 onwards was validly published by F.C. Stern in 1940 and K.H. Rechinger in 1943.

From the book:

Peonies of Greece

A taxonomic and historical Survey of the Genus Paeonia in Greece

William T. Stearn and Peter H. Davis