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Xue Fengxiang


Peony History in Bozhou

Xue Fengxiang of the Ming Dynasty recorded in his book Peony History in Bozhou (1613-1617) that big families "searched everywhere in other regions for better varieties and transplanted them to Bozhou". They spared no expense for famous varieties and "frequently purchased a young seedling with one thousand coins and looked after it carefully." As a result the peony gradually prospered in Bozhou, reaching a peak of interest in the periods of Longqing and Wanii (1567-1620). The book notes 274 cultivars and describes about 200 of them in detail.

extract from the book :

Wang Lianying 1998, Chinese Tree Peony - The Peony Association Of China - 213 pages · 400 color photos · english edition of Pictorial Record of Chinese Tree Peony Varieties