Peony-Hybrids, assorted by parent species

My here preferred species-concept differs from the taxonomical: In the compilations below I used the widest possible concept of species, i.e. even now as synonymes recognised 'species' are treated as selfstanding, if they have been used by at least one breeder in the past. This is necessary to make it possible to show the correct mode the cross was done.




sorts in trade

Hybrids registered &  introduced / Hybriden registriert & eingeführt

cross succesful

Cross succesful / Kreuzung erfolgreich

cross not succesful

Cross not succesful / Kreuzung nicht erfolgreich






pollen parent

pod parent


grey background: the male

pod parent

pollen parent


cross-partner (important in tables with reciprocal crosses, but normally not signed extra, because I've tried to write the direction of the crosses correctly)

*Abbrevetions of the species-names follow Tao Sang (with modifications)