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Paeonia-Literatur 1900-1909


Diels,1900, Engler, Bot Jahrbuch, vol29,p 324

PetersonWA,1900, P.corallina,Gard. Chron. 27 p 348, 368

PetersonWA,1900, Propagation and Culture of the Peony,Baily’s Cyclopedia of American Horticulture vol3 p1189


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CorrevonH,1901,Short note with an account of his receiving seeds supposed to be those of P.wittmanniana, from the Caucasus,Garden vol59,p368

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Freyn,1901,Oesterr. Bot. Zeitschr., p. 382 ;

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Hooker,1901, Paeonia lutea, Native of China. Curtis's Botanical Magazine, vol.127, Tab. 7788*

HopeCH,1901, A Single White Peony, Note on P.emodi, Garden vol60, p82

KrylovPN /NP?,1901, Paeonia hybrida var. intermedia (CA Meyer) Paeonia hybrida var. typica,Flora Altaya, 1, 46-47.Tomsk


Battandier & Trabut,1902,Flora Anal. Syn. Algerie Tunisie, 13 .


BOEHMER & Co. CATALOGUE OF JAPANESE PLANTS, BULBS AND SEEDS. Yokohama: L. Boehmer & Co., (1903). [A lovely illustrated trade catalogue from "The only European Nursery Firm in Japan." The Boehmer firm was first established in 1882 and was for many years the largest exporter of Japanese plants and bulbs, supplying growers in Europe, America and Australia. The delicate colored wood block illustrations, which appear on nearly every page, are arranged more as decorative text embellishments than as examples of nursery stock. Some stretch across two pages while others wrap around a staggered margin. The text provides more of a general description of the various offerings of the firm (as opposed to a conventional stock list) although numerous specific varieties are also listed and described. The catalogue begins with 5 pages describing the extensive selection of lilies. Among the other category headings are found: Iris; Lotus; Chrysanthemums; Peonies; Wistarias; Flowering Trees and Shrubs (13 pages); Fruit Trees; Bamboos; Dwarfed Trees; Orchids; Foliage Plants, Deciduous And Evergreen; Coniferous Trees and Shrubs; Forestry Department; Seed Department; and, Miscellaneous Plants For The Rockgarden, Border And For Potculture. The text and illustrations were printed by T. Hasagawa in Tokyo. 8vo (24.3 x 18.2 cm); 70 pp. (with pagination beginning and ending on the paste downs) with color wood block text illustrations appearing on 48 pages.]

BuschNA,1903, Flora Kavkaza 2, Addenda et Corriganda 91-92

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KomarovVL,1903,P.albiflora, obovata,Flora Mansh, II 224-226+

Lemoine ,1903, P.lutea,Rev Hort Belge, XXIX 177, fig 26


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Adamovic,1909,Engler & Drude, Veg. Erde, 11, 119

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Sampaio,1909-11,Prodromus Florae Portug. (in Ann. Sc. Acad. Polyt. Porto, 4-6), 8 .

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Paeonia-Literatur 1900-1909