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PCO Nørgaard


b. ? - d. 2003

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information from Karl Kristensen, Engkaebro 4 Stagstrup, DK-7752 Snedsted, Denmark on 29. Oct. 2005:

In the year 2000 I got a large collection of paeonia from an old Gartner; PCO Nørgaard.

Some of those peonies was old species and maybe it has been several years since they has been on the market, maybe that is why I can’t find the description of Corrrana and Gieleana.

I know that PCO got some peonies from Staudengärtnerei Gräfin von Zeppelin, Gärtnerisher Pflanzenbau and B. Ruys ( The Netherlands ).

PCO nr.1 to nr. 7 is peonies PCO have made by crossing wittmanniana x Mai Fleuri. PCO choose those 7 plants. I can´t see any difference between them, but they are all beautiful plants. If you are interested would I like to exchange with PCO nr. 5.

Aksel Olsen no. 1, Snehvide and Nøkkerose are all three made by the late Gartner Aksel Olsen from Kolding in Denmark.

”Nøkkerose” The Danish name for Warterlily

”Snehvide” The Danish name for Snow White

Ruigegno and Nuregino are in PCO notes described as two different, which I don´t think it is. I have never found describtions of those two. I have seen Nuregino offered for sale in an old catalogue, but there were no description.

Jens Højbjerg” is an old unknown species which PCO got for many years ago from Jens Højbjergs mother. There is a picture on my website of a peony called ”Frk. Lund” is an old and unknown peony which PCO got from Frk. Lund.

PCO past away in 2003.

Officinalis mørkerød is an dark red form of the regularly P.officinalis

Officinalis lyserød is a pink form of the regularly P.officinalis

I attach pictures which you can use and if there is more pictures on my website you can use them to.

Kind regards

Karl Kristensen

Engkaebro 4 Stagstrup

DK-7752 Snedsted


Breedings & Introductions

PCO No. 1-7

(PCO Norgaard, Denmark)


Jens Højbjerg

(Højbjerg – PCO Nørgaard)


Frk. Lund

(Lund, Denmark)


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