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Paeonia rockii Wildform StrauchpfingstrosePaeonia lutea (Paeonia delavayi gelbe Form)Paeonia rockii Hybride 'Lydia Foote' von Sir Peter SmithersPaeonia X handel-mazzettii JJHaldaPaeonia 'Thunderbolt' (Lutea-Hybride von A.P.Saunders)Paeonia 'Zephyrus' (Lutea-Hybride von Nassos Daphnis)

Welcome to the English language version of this website.

Disclaimer: Firstly, please let me explain that I am not a Webstylist. Peonies are my passionate hobby, and this website is an extension of that hobby. It is a not a professional Web Page. Secondly, please excuse my use of English - it is not my mother tongue.

If you find anything which you find strange, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you use browsers other than the Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, sorry! I haven't been able to control, how it looks. I know, that Netscape makes problems, but I'm not really the person to fix that kind of problem. I'll leave that to the Gurus of the Internet to sort out. I'm flat out looking after the contents of my website.

I hope you enjoy browsing this site, but please, forgive any language and technical difficulties! I would welcome your feedback. You may contact me on the email address below. C.B.

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