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Carsten Burkhardt's Web Project Paeonia - Regional Themes – Sources for peonies

Carsten Burkhardt's Web Project Paeonia - Regionale Themen – Bezugsquellen für Pfingstrosen

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Vivaio G&G Buffa, Cascina Madonera, 32, 10046 Poirino (TO) ITALY, tel/fax +39 011 9430623 , www.vivaiobuffa.com, e-mail: giovanni@vivaiobuffa.com

I would like to let you know that last year I solved my partnership with "Vivai delle Commande" (we were 2 partners), to found a new nursery on my own. During October 2004 I moved all the collection of tree peonies and a part of herbaceous and intersectional to a new location near my home. The name of the nursery is "Vivaio G&G Buffa" During last season the two G, my wife and I, worked so hard and now the nursery is fully operating again . There is a new web site and the address is www.vivaiobuffa.com.

I will be extremely glad if you could have a look on it and tell me your opinion. I also ask you if you can add my nursery on the list on your web site. All the best and I look forward to hear from you soon. Giovanni

Vivai delle Commande http://www.peonie.it/ Tenuta delle Commande, Via Commande 4, Frazione Tuninetti, 10022 Carmagnola (Torino) – It, Tel / Fax: +39 011 9795046, E-mail: mail@vivaicommande.com