Paeonia 'Whitleyi Major' / 'The Bride' / 'Albiflora Grandiflora'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]

Whitleyi (Syns. Whitleyi major, The Bride, and alba grandiflora), opens blush-white quickly turning; pure white. Very large, in clusters. Needs staking. vff. Fragrant, which is unusual amongst singles. T.VEL. *single

ALBIFLORA, The Bride (Dessert, 1902) – Single Double - Pink - Midseason. White - Early.  Syn. THE BRIDE & La Fiancée Since albiflora is now used to designate the species only, this peony is usually cataloged as THE BRIDE  or  La Fiancée . - Midseason.

THE BRIDE (Dessert, 1902) Formerly ALBIFLORA, THE BRIDE. Syn. La Fiancée . Single - White -Early. Medium height. Large. Pure white, saucer-like blooms with long petals rounded at the ends and a center of long yellow stamens and greenish carpels, white at base and tips. Very prolific, stems weak. Foliage large. Conceded to be identical with La Fiancee. M.

WHITLEYI MAJOR (Origin unknown) - Single - White, or Blush - Midseason.

Kortmann (1998)

'Whitleyi Major' (Lactiflora) ('The Bride') (1776 / Whitley, 1808) Bloemen wit tot crèmewit, enkel, middelvroeg tot laat; meeldraden oranjegeel, bladeren dof donkergroen; hoogte 85 cm; bloemstengels matig tot goed stevig; vertakking matig tot goed. Een goede witte, enkelbloemige cultivar, ondanks dat deze iets Botrytis gevoelig is. Een waardering met één ster leek door de vele positieve eigenschappen gerechtvaardigd.

Rivière (1995):

'The Bride' /Dessert & Méchin/1902

Rivière (1995):

'Albiflora' /Dessert & Méchin/1902

Whitley major. [Paeonia albiflora Einfachblühende, europäische Sorten:] Sehr großblum. reinweiß

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