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Carsten Burkhardt's Web Project Paeonia - Regional Themes – Sources for peonies

Carsten Burkhardt's Web Project Paeonia - Regionale Themen – Bezugsquellen für Pfingstrosen

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Marina Kasimova, www.pspaeon.dk (My main interest is in breeding. I did not get to it yet, because up to now I was trying to collect enough parent material to breed with. But I am getting there. Intersectional hybrids, is the topic I want to work with. Also, as you know, I'd like to see if it is possible to extend the range of colors available for peonies. But these are only dreems now.) marina_kasi@yahoo.dk

www.peonyrainbows.dk and the new one, with a shop, for buying with cards ( Visa and international, is functions in 1 week )is on :

www.paeon.dk also there is a BLOG in danish - the english one is not in function, but i on its way.

www.heaventlyscent.com is stil valid - but not updatet, it will again bee for wholesale.

The name and adress is :

Regnbue Paeoner / Peony  Rainbows, Luriel Pleh, Lystrupmindevej 16, DK - 8654 Bryrup, Denmark, tel : 45 - 7575 7523, mobil : 45 - 2622 7523

MAJA og HANS JØRGEN KUUS Stolbrogade 22, Stolbro, 6430 Nordborg (1.300 m² stor have med flere stenbede, sjældne træer og buske, stauder og slyngplanter. Over 2.200 forskellige planter, bl.a. mange Clematis-vildarter,  Hosta, Helleborus, Paeonia, Geranium og Magnolia. Alpin bænk. Planteformering. Åben 13.-14. og 20. maj, “Åben Alpinhave dag”, kl. 9-17 og efter aftale, (  74 45 80 68. Entré: 10 kr., børn gratis.)

Håbet,1 Værebrovej 98, 2880 Bagsværd, Tlf: 4498-5853, Fax: 4444-9240 Håbet http://www.haabet.dk/users/arboretet/abc.html Im Angebot: Paeonia anomala ,delavayi, lutea, rockii, suffruticosa

Lundhede Internet butik http://www.lund-hede.dk/~lund-hede/acatalog/ ca. 10 Sorten Staudenpfingstrosen

Assens Planteskole v/Ole Madsen Fåborgvej 10-12, 5610 Assens Tel: 64 71 16 99 - Fax: 64 71 41 99 Baumschule mit: Paeonia delavayi, Paeonia lutea, Paeonia lutea ludlowii, Paeonia suffruticosa http://www.assens-planteskole.dk/

Tånum Planteskole. v/ Birthe Olsson Vestmarken 35, Tånum 8900 Randers Tel. 86 45 47 07 fax. 86 45 49 07 admin@taanum-planteskole.dk -Tilbage til forsiden. Katalog. -Stedsegrønne planter. -Slyngplanter. -Rhododendon. -Andre surbundsplanter. Løvtræer....... http://www.taanum-planteskole.dk/Lovtrae.htm ein paar Strauchpfingstrosen-Wildarten im Angebot