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Carsten Burkhardt's Web Project Paeonia - Regional Themes – Sources for peonies

Carsten Burkhardt's Web Project Paeonia - Regionale Themen – Bezugsquellen für Pfingstrosen

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1)     Tuinplantenkwekerij “’t Houten Huis” http://www.tuinplantenkwekerij.nl, they have an excellent website and a vast collection. I have been there myself and bought several beautiful plants. I think they get many plants from number 9 in the list.

2)     Peonia B.V. http://www.peonia.nl, good website and good collection. I ordered several plants from them by mail delivery. Good quality, good service.

3)     Warmerdam Paeonia, http://www.paeoniapassion.com/, I had good experiences with them (mail order).

4)     Boon Pioenrozen, http://www.boonpioenrozen.nl/, smaller, but interesting collections. I had good experiences with them too (mail order).

5)     De Border, http://www.border.nl, Good website, interesting collection. I just received 4 (goodlooking) plants from them by mail.

6)     Kwekerij Bastin, http://www.bastin.nl/, smaller collection, some species, some hybrids, no pictures on the website

7)     Marnis Kwekerij, http://www.marnis.nl/, most species and several hybrids, no pictures on the website

8)     Pioenrozenkwekerij Paionia (wholesale only!), http://www.paionia.com/, good collection but unfortunately only wholesale (grrr!!!)

9)     Pioenen om te zoenen (wholesale only), http://www.pioenen.nl, large collection but only Wholesale. They seem to supply to “’t Houten Huis” (number 1 in the list)

10)  Schenk Pioenen (wholesale only), http://www.schenkpioenen.nl/, good collection but only wholesale!

11) Esveld (good website) http://www.esveld.nl/catalogus.htm

12) Pieter Zwijnenburg (no website), both in Boskoop, Holland, which you mentioned already in your web project.

last updated and commented on Oct. 11, 2007 with the help of Guillaume F. Bastin, 6412XZ Heerlen