Paeonia 'Exotic Era'

type: [tree peony] – [lutea hybrid]

EXOTIC ERA (David Reath, Vulcan, Michigan), March 1984. Seedling # A 201. Lutea hybrid. Parentage: Marchioness x Daphnis fertile lutea hybrid pollen. First bloomed 1971. Blend of apricot and rose, single, stamens, pollen and seeds. Heavy substance with moderate amount of bloom. Flower is held well above foliage, 3" in height. Blooms with the lutea hybrids, average vigor with heavy textured leaves. An improved Marchioness with better textured petals, heavier leaves. Fertile as a pod and pollen parent.

EXOTIC ERA (Reath) Medium-size single is a rich blend of yellow, apricot and rose, a seedling of Marchioness; the plant, about 38 inches in height, blooms in the late midseason; choice and very limited,

'Exotica Era' (David Reath 1984) : flr. simple abricot pâle cœur rouge foncé

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