Paeonia 'Sorbet' trade name since 2006: EDEN'S PERFUME??

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]


Discovered by the Dutch perennial specialist Luc Klinkhamer during a trip to South-Korea in 1987 at an orchard.


SORBET:Large double high built pink bomb with pink and white alternating layers of petals. Very unusual and pretty. 26" stems. Midseason


Sorbet: Remarkable flowers in seemingly never-ending layers of color and texture. Small and frilly vanilla-cream petals are sandwiched between larger-petaled layers of strawberry and raspberry ice, that finally reveal a pale-yellow center.

SORBET, Origine onbekend, vóór 1987, Paeonia lactiflora, Geheel gevulde bloemen van een wel heel bijzondere opbouw. De naam ‘Sorbet’ is wel heel toepasselijk gekozen – de bloemen bestaan uit 3 lagen: roze op wit met een witte toef. Net een overheerlijk ijsje met een lekkere toef slagroom! Ontdekt door de Nederlandse vaste planten specialist Luc Klinkhamer op een boomgaard in 1987 in Zuid-Korea. Een cultivar met een fijne plantstructuur en weinig zijknoppen. Bijzonder lekker geurend.

SORBET, Origin unknown, before 1987, Paeonia lactiflora, Full and large high built double flowers consisting of remarkable alternating layers of pink and white petals. Like a sorbet! Discovered by the Dutch perennial specialist Luc Klinkhamer during a trip to South-Korea in 1987 at an orchard. Refined planthabit and little sidebuds. Unusual and pretty, with a very nice fragrance.

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Lusciously fragrant, it has large, fully double pink flowers with a compact growing habit that makes it perfect for containers and strong stems that make it perfect for bouquets. Midseason flowering. 30”. HZ: 4-8.

Van Bourgondien Bros. (2001):

Peony 'Sorbet A new double hybrid of unusual coloration with almost the appearance of a creamsicle with the white center sandwiched with soft pink shades. A must for peony lovers. Very fragrant. "The Queen of Garden Flowers!" We offer the best fully double, free blooming varieties. Flowers are 5-7" across. During late spring-early summer, they fill the garden with fragrance; long-lasting, ideal for cutting. Plant as yard dividers or in small groups in border. They like rich soil, full sun and open area

Dick Westland

Dear All,

While reading the messages about Sorbet. I remembered that I have

read the story about it's discovery.

The dutch peony- and perennialspecialist Luc Klinkhamer noticed it

during a trip in 1987 to South-Korea. Near by the North-Korean border

it was growing in an orchard. The flowershape was build of several

levels and the color and shape resembles a Sorbet.

The plant was only used for the yield of roots and not for it's

beauty. I don't know if this information was already published in

the group. From the picture it doesn't look like a hybrid but more

like the chinese lactiflora varieties.

Best regards

Dick Westland

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