type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]

trade name of


offered on Ebay.de Aug. 2006 (Art. # 110016129384):

Eine Blüte in doppelter Bombenform, die weißer Mitte auf einem Teller von hellpinken Blütenblättern und einer Haube von Pink mit roten Fäden. Ein echtes Schmuckstück mit mittlerer Blütezeit und ca 85-100cm Größe sowie feinem Duft! Wir liefern eine Pflanze in blühfähiger Größe (3/5 Buds)..

Meine Frage:

Wo kommt die Sorte her, wer ist verantwortlich für den Namen?


Die Sorte kommt aus dem Haus Devroomen und warum es nun ausgerechnet Eden's werden musste - keine Ahnung.

Auch beantwortet niemand dort (außer vielleicht Herr Devroomen selbst) die Frage, warum die Sorten nicht registriert sind. Selbst gezüchtet/vermehrt wird unverändert auf ich glaube über 40 Hektar. Wobei nach meiner Erfahrung sehen das mit der Registrierung die Firmen, die gleichzeitig Händler sind, als nicht so entscheidend an.

Für den amerikanischen Markt (da fühlt sich Devroomen zu Hause) muss es "nur" hübsch klingen, das ist wichtig.

Said to be the most fragrant peony ever! - Large pink, layered blooms with the strongest, rose-like fragrance ever known in Peonies with robust growth and strong stems. Perfect cut flower as well as a great border plant.

Hallson Garden:

(30") Large, double pink flowers with a collar of cream petals. It has excellent fragrance and very sturdy stems making it an excellent choice for cut flowers.

Symbols   full sun/part shade Height   30"/75cm Space   36"/90cm Hardiness zone   2 - 7
An excellent background plant in perennial beds and borders, or to be used as focal point in the garden. Great cut flowers when cut after the buds start to show color.
Peonies prefer full sun and a little ground preperation will ensure the best results. Cultivate soil deeply and add a good amount of organic matter. Remove spent flowers.

Question on canpeony (canpeony@yahoogroups.com)

14 Oct 2007

Hello. I just bought a peony called Eden's Perfume. Does anyone know who developed this peony? Does anyone have experience with it? I understand that it is very fragrant, but no idea what aroma to expect. Anyone know? thanks. Holly

my answer:

I found this cultivar last year in an offer on Ebay Germany. On my question the seller wrote, that the plant came from Devroomen Holland, whoo produces it in huge quantities. Where the cultivar is from , nobody wanted or could answer in the company. May Mr. Devroomen personally. Devroomen sells many plants on the american market, so

in Canada too.

Reiner jakubowski (canpeony@yahoogroups.com)

Carsten's answer is about as good as you're going to get on this peony. I've never heard of it and it does not exist in American Peony Society records. It seems not to have any provenance that anyone's willing to admit, which means we don't know if it is a legitimate new cultivar or something renamed for the wholesale/resale market. Reiner

Elizabeth Babb (canpeony@yahoogroups.com)

Hello, Holly Well, I, too, have tumbled for this peony, along with 43 others this year. I found this description (including picture): http://plants.thompson-morgan.com/product/8532/1 and a very favorable reaction to its fragrance in a comment on the Dave's Garden site (from Zanesville, OH, USA). I note that I got my version of Eden's Perfume from Dutch Gardens. For comparison, here is another photo:


Elizabeth Babb

Brian Porter (canpeony@yahoogroups.com)

Some time ago I found a reference attributing this peony's origin to the Compass Plant Group, Netherlands and distribution by De Vroomen Holland Garden Products. It has been in commerce by that name since at least 2004. It was featured in the spring 2004 issue of the Perennial Plant Association (USA) bulletin, "Perennial Plants", but with few other details that wouldn't equally apply to any other peony, aside from a color photo. As some of you have suggested, I too have been wondering if it is something else that has been renamed. I bought a root of it a year ago but it did not find a permanent place in my garden until this fall; it seems to be much more widely available this year.

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