Paeonia 'Chiffon Parfait'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]

CHIFFON PARFAIT - Roy Klehm - Charles Klehm and Son Nursery, January 2, 1981. Parentage: Line bred Mons. Jules Elie x President Taft seedlings; first bloomed 1950; seedlings #838D. Double lactiflora, soft salmon pink, ball form, no stamens, pollen or seeds, fragrant, excellent reliability, and good substance. Unusual soft shell salmon pink, very late, heavy petalage in blossoms with unusual round ball-shaped blooms. Strong stems with excellent foliage, 36 inches. Cut and show flower usefulness. Four buds per stem. Plant patent applied for.

CHIFFON PARFAIT Pink, Double, Late, Fragrant. 90cm. Softest blush pink is the colour of this fully double late flowering fragrant peony.

CHIFFON PARFAIT Softest blush pink is the colour of this fully double late flowering fragrant peony. Has great value both in the garden and for the house. A peony which appredates a little afternoon shade. Pink Double, Late, fragrant, 90cm.


Flower type: Peony—Double

Size: 34"

Plant zone(s): 2-8

Bloom time: Late

Hybridizer: Roy G. Klehm

Finely formed pink bud opens to very pale, shell pink blossom. Foliage is an attractive kelly green and makes a strong, tall bush.

The classical double flower but on a very strong plant! This late bloomer constitutes an excellent choice to extend the season of your peony garden. Chiffon Parfait bears beautiful double flowers of a soft salmon-pink colour. Many rows of tights petals give to this flower a ball form. Very floriferous. Each stem bears many bud's flower. Robust plant with strong upright stems. Fragrant. Late to very late bloomer. Height 90 cm. A dream plant either for the garden or for the cut flowers.

La fleur double classique mais sur un plant robuste! Sa floraison tardive en fait un excellent choix pour prolonger la saison de votre jardin de pivoines. Chiffon Parfait porte de belles fleurs d'un rose saumon très doux. Multiples rangs de pétales portés très serrés donnant la forme d'une boule à la fleur. Très florifère. Chaque tige porte plusieurs bourgeons de fleurs. Plant robuste aux tiges fermes et érigées mais pourrait nécessiter un support en cas de pluie intense. Parfumées. Floraison tardive à très tardive. Plant de 90 cm. Une pivoine de rêve autant pour le jardin que pour la fleur coupée.

Dear All,

A few years back we purchased a good number of plants as Chiffon
Parfait. Plants were not too generous, so what we suspected in the
first growing year turned out to be true the second... This lot
appears to be 2 different varieties.
From what we know, and information and pictures in the books and on
the web we cannot decide which one of the two varieties must be the
true Chiffon Parfait. So I am really hoping some of you can help.

I posted several pictures in the photos section of this group, under
the name 'Chiffon Parfait'.

The lot of plants are for 80% the darker variety, this is the main
reason that we think (and hope) this is the true Chiffon Parfait.
The other plant, which we tend to believe is the roage, we have
called Chiffon Parfait X (Roage???) in the pictures.

Some information from our observations during the past growing
seasons from the two varieties:
Chiffon Parfait:
Late flowering, very tall growing (roughly 1.10 m), fairly
exceptional large and broad leaflets, very strong and erect stems
(green), open bush habit. Large dark pink flowers fading to a lighter
shade of pink. More of the 'flat rose type' double. Flower buds are
characteristic with green outer petals when still tight.
Chiffon Parfait X (Roage???):
Flowering even a bit later, medium height. Very compact bush habit,
dense foliage, many fairly fine leaflets. Reddish stems. Flower buds
are somewhat cone shaped. Flowers are of a lighter shade of pink with
some occasional green flecks in the center. More of the 'ball rose
type' double.

I would really appreciate any suggestions you might have, it would be
of great help for us determining which is the true Chiffon Parfait.

Thanks and regards,
Ruud Warmerdam

I have a row of Chiffon Parfait (50 plants) but they flowered only
for the first time last season. Thus my experience is only limited
and I cannot speak about bush habit nor height. I took a picture of
one of them and when I compare it to your pictures I think Chiffon
Parfait is indeed the darker one. The stems of my Chiffon Parfait are
green (not red), the flower is indeed rather flat and I absolutely
don't recall any of the flowers ending up so white/blush as your
'rogue' ones. I'll try uploading my picture of it.

Kind regards,
Koen Hurtekant

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