The American Peony Society

Nomenclature 1976-186 p.22














QUINCY (K 728)-William H. Krekler, May 1978. Hybrid. 21-inch, rather big orange red. Bulletin #227.

RASPBERRY CHARM (Samuel Wissing) - Hybrid bloomed about 1968. Raspberry, Japanese, semi-double, reliable, excellent stem strength. 32" height, clean foliage. Plant habit of Coral Charm. Registered by Roy Klehm, August 1985.

RASPBERRY FLUFF (Lyman Cousins-Roy Klehm), June 25,1981. Seedling #74-13; double hybrid; parentage unknown; first bloomed about 1970. Raspberry, ball form, no stamens, pollen, or seeds; average amount of bloom, fragrant, average stem strength, 34-inch height; EM; good foliage. Attractive, deep rose raspberry hybrid with large ball-shaped bomb-type blossoms. Very large smooth buds.

RASPBERRY ICE - Roy Klehm, Charles Klehm and Son Nursery, Jan. 25. 1980. Lactiflora. Very early bomb-shaped blossom whose color appears to be a rosy raspberry with silver highlights. Very unusual color combination and very intriguing in arrangements. It does not have many blossoms per bush but the individual blooms and stems are large and make good cut flowers. Height 36 inches. Bold exotic foliage, no pollen, sets seeds and fragrant. Plant Patent applied for.

RASPBERRY TART (Krekler-Klehm), May 31, 1985. # 161. Hybrid, raspberry red single with bright golden stamens. Petals wide and rounded, bloom 4" petal, width 1 ¾ . Height 16", early, pollen, fair substance, flat form and fragrant moderately musty aroma, greyish green heavy foliage. Rock Garden Series. Klehm Nursery. Bulletin #255.

REBEL (K 846)-William H. Krekler, May 1978. Lactiflora. 29-inch, gay purple-wine Jap. Big cream center. Bulletin #227.

RED ALERT (Reath B-35) - David L. Reath, 100 Central Ave., Vulcan, Michigan 49892, 1979. Parentage, Sib of Ann Cousins (lactiflora) x rich red macro hybrid; first bloomed 1970. Single hybrid, rich orange red cup. Naked (no pollen) stamens, heavy substance, no seeds, very early bloom. 36 inches in height. Strong stems, holds flower erect, vigorous with deep green glossy foliage with short petioles. This is a sib of Pink Frost, same type of plant growth. Ideal garden plant. Terminal bud is large with smaller side buds. Relatively infertile; however, will set an occasional seed.

RED BEAUTY - Louis Smirnow, 1978. Seedling of Longfellow. Huge full double bright red. Strong stems. A sparkling beauty. Bulletin #226.

RED GRACE - Lymon D. Glasscock, Charles Klehm and Son Nursery, April 8, 1980. Parentage unknown. Double deep red hybrid. First bloomed about 1955. Good substance, ball form. So tightly petaled it is almost a complete globe.

RED IMP - William H. Krekler, Somerville, Ohio, June 1977. Seedling #507. Lactiflora, large, flat deep-red, semi-double stamens ring. Registered by Roy Klehm, Bulletin #223.

RED SPRITE (K 131)-William H. Krekler, May 1978. Hybrid, 28-inch, gay upright single red. Bulletin #227.

REINE SUPREME (Roy G. Klehm), May 29, 1985. Seedling #121 N. Parentage Mr. Ed x Hoosierland. First bloomed 1969 double. Dainty apple-blossom pink color with slight and occasional central red candy striping. Double row of guard petals hold flower form well. Stamens, pollen, some seeds, fragrant, 32-34" in height. Good stem strength, midseason, deep green foliage, excellent cut flower. Klehm Nursery. Bulletin #255.

RENYKENS-William H. Krekler, Somerville, Ohio, 1975. Early red hybrid. 1976 check list, name only. Bulletin #219. Notice: also registered in 'History ...' RENYKENS (C.B.2000)