The American Peony Society

Nomenclature 1976-186 p.28















WARSAW (K 214)-William H. Krekler, June 1978. Different centered big dark red lactiflora. Bulletin #231.

WASHINGTON ELETE- (William H. Krekler, Somerville, Ohio), May 1977. Hybrid, bloomed May 1977 before the 6th. Seedling # 314. Different, single large carmen red, gay color. Bulletin #223.

WEE WILLIE - (William H. Krekler, Somerville. Ohio), May 1977. Hybrid, bloomed before May 9. with GARDEN PEACE. Seedling # 279. Single red, neat and generous. Dense green bush. Bulletin #223.

WHITE IVORY- (Roy Klehm) - Charles Klehm and Son Nursery, January 2. 1981. Parentage: Line bred Chas. White seedlings; first bloomed 1959; seedling # 922L. Double lactiflora, ivory white, ball form, stamens, pollen, no seeds, fragrant. Abundant number of blooms, good substance, excellent stem strength with good foliage, 32 inches, midseason. Extremely clean ivory cream. Four buds per stem. Plant patent applied for.

WHOPPER - (Roy Klehm), Charles Klehm and Son Nursery, Feb. 19, 1980. Parentage Mons. Jules Elie x 71 D. First bloomed 1953. Soft pink, early double ball, no stamens, good substance. Ruffled guard petals add texture. Fragrant. Seeds. Striking in arrangements. 39-inches in height, strong stems. Excellent foliage. Reliable. Plant Patent 4234.

WILHELM KREKLER-(William H. Krekler, Somerville, Ohio), 1975. Gay, semi-double cerise pink flower. 1976 check list, name only. Bulletin #219.

WILLIAM GAGE-(William H. Krekler, Somerville, Ohio). 1975. Big, early, single red hybrid. Sturdy. Pistols. 1976 check list, name only. Bulletin #219.

WILMINGTON - (William H. Krekler). This is for description in full. Registered Bulletin #223. Seedling # 178. Hybrid. A wine red single cup with large petals and a center of light golden stamens, touch of red. Bloom is 4". Height 16", early, compact medium green lacy foliage. Fragrant, pollen and stamens. Rock Garden Series. Klehm Nursery. Bulletin #255. WILMINGTON- (William H. Krekler, Somerville, Ohio), May 1977. Hybrid, bloomed before April 29. Seedling # 178. Small rich red single. Bulletin #223.

WIND CHIMES- (David L. Reath, Vulcan, Michigan), Dec. 29, 1984. Seedling # 71-1. Parentage, A tenuifolia hybrid-parentage unknown. First bloomed 1971. Lavender, single hybrid, flowers resemble lavender Windflower. Good substance, no seeds. Plant grows upright, 36-inches height, early tenuifolia, fern leaf but broader than species leaves. Disease resistant. Relatively sterile but may occasionally produce a viable seed. Attractive seed pods can be used for dried arrangements.

WINE ANGEL - (V. Christenson), introduced by Rogers, Sherwood, Oregon. August 27, 1984. First bloomed 1977. Japanese type. Erythrite purple blended with heliotrope rose. 24-inches in height, flowers 10-12 inches in diameter. Early midseason bloom. Registered by Roger, Sherwood, Oregon.

WITCHCRAFT (K 840)-William H. Krekler, June 5, 1978. 31-inch, black-red Japanese, creamed edge. Registered by Charles Klehm and Son Nursery. Bulletin #229.

WOW - (William H. Krekler. Somerville, Ohio), May 1977. Blooms late April. Hybrid. Seedling # 170. Wine-red single flowers. Flowers O.K. Bulletin #223.

XENIA FRIEND-(William H. Krekler. Somerville, Ohio), 1975. Early. light red single hybrid. Medium. 1976 check list, name only. Bulletin #219.

XENIA STORM-(William H. Krekler, Somerville, Ohio). May 1977. Hybrid bloomed before May 6. Seedling #322. Single, deep pink. Upright green low bush. Bulletin #223.