(Compiled by Greta M. Kessenich, Registrar, Nomenclature Department) p. 4








AURELIA (Ray Cobbs, England - address given end of registration), Sept. 26, 1995.  Parentage P. Mlokosewitschii x Peregrina (not sure).  First bloomed, probably 1970's. A pale yellow hybrid, reliable with one bud per stem. Flat form, stamens, pollen, seeds, has a prolific amount of bloom. A mature plant will have 50 or more flowers. Has good stem strength, 80-120 cm height, blooms late May, early June, good foliage, resembles P. mlokosewitschii. This plant occurred as a chance seedling from P. mlokosewitschii. When the yellow flowers are first open, they are flushed with red in the center but fades to leave the self color. Plants come true from seed. Single photograph on file. Ray Cobb, "Aurelia" 188 Bramcote Lane, Wollaton Nottingham, NG8 2QN, England

AURORA SUNRISE (Roy G. Klehm), Klehm Nursery, June, 1995. Seedling #K47-08. Pink Japanese lactiflora. Real tightly packed numerous stamenoides giving a golden aurora center. Double row of guard petals clear, medium to deep pink. 6" wide bloom. Good stem strength, 28"-30" in height. Early bloom, pollen, seeds, stamens and good substance. 3-5 buds per stem. Bulletin #295.

BARTZELLA (Roger F. Anderson), Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, 1986. Itoh full double yellow hybrid with red flares. Seedling #A81-10. First bloomed 1986. Parentage, white lactiflora double x Reath hybrid tree. This Itoh is a large full double yellow ball with red flares, 6-8" blooms with strong 32" stems holding the flowers on top of the plant. Above average bloom. 30 blooms the first year of blooming size. Excellent substance. No seed or pollen. Fragrant. Color of pollen parent A 198. Bulletin #259.

BERNICE CARR (Don Hollingsworth), Maryville, Missouri, April 21, 1995. Parentage Nippon Gold x Cytherea. Seedling #1864. Medium pink, semi-double lactiflora. Bloomed 1980. Good substance, flat form, stamens, pollen and seeds. Reliable with prolific amount of bloom. Stout stems, height 34-36 inches, midseason bloom. Dark green robust foliage, develops Fall color. Well proportioned while in flower and throughout the season. Bulletin #294.

BETH ERICKSON (R. W. Tischler), 1989. Seedling number 100. Very early rose/lavender. Japanese type. Blooms about the same time as Red Charm. Plant 30" in height, good foliage. Blooms, 4" to 6" in size. Guard petals and center same color. Center has a fine lacy effect that fades a light pink. Yellow carpels, tipped red. Slightly fragrant. Bulletin #272.

BERTHA VARNER (D. Steve Varner, Monticello, Illinois), Dec. 13, 1991. Seedling #8021, semi-double tree peony, parentage (Domoto's hybrid x self). First bloomed in 1988. Lilac lavender, ruffled semi-double tree peony has a deeper flare of rose that radiates well into the bloom. It blooms above the foliage, low dense branching. After four years, it grows 30 inches in height, vigorous, has pollen, seeds, stamens. Early to mid season bloom. Named after my mother, Bertha Varner. Bulletin #281.

BRUCE VARNER (D. Steve Varner, Monticello, Illinois), July 6,1996. Varner seedling 5029 pastel pink. Seed from Chris Laning x Picotee. Single hybrid with waved ruffled petals, dark bright red. Very prolific amount of bloom, stamens, pollen, seeds, slight fragrance, good substance, very strong stems which hold the six-inch bloom. 26 inches in height, blooms midseason, vigorous with good foliage. Named for my son, Bruce Varner.