(Compiled by Greta M. Kessenich, Registrar, Nomenclature Department) p. 8









CLASS ACT (Roy G. Klehm, May 30, 1991). Seedling #K38-8, double, soft cream lactiflora. Parentage unknown. First bloomed 1980. Good substance, stamens and pollen, nicely fragrant, reliable. Well formed large and rounded guard petals, high crowned flower of soft cream. 36" in height, very good stem strength, dark green foliage. Midseason. Bulletin #279.

CLOUD BURST (Lyman D. Glasscock, Elwood, Illinois). Registered by Elizabeth Falk, June 1, 1987. Double white hybrid, 3 ft. in height, good strong stems with deep green foliage. No stamens, pollen, or seeds. Fragrant. Extra large flower. Parentage and first-year bloom unknown. Bulletin #263.

CLUMP OF COLOR (Roger Anderson, Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin), July 2, 1992. Seedling #L14386. Japanese parentage Mikado x Martha W. First bloomed 1989. This red Japanese type has multi-blooms per stem which are strong and self supporting. Seeds, no pollen, 32-36 inches in height, extended bloom period. Bulletin #283. Sept., 1992.

COLOR MAGNET (Don Hollingsworth, Maryville, Missouri), March 14,1994. Seedling #1820. Parentage, seed parent #278 (raised from Pehrson seeds). Pollen parent seedling #686 (sib. to Summer Glow [Lady Duff x Claire de Lune]). First year bloomed before 1985. Hybrid, red-violet pink, single, stigmas, red purple, yellow stamens, cup shaped, has stamens, pollen, seeds. Reliable, 44 inches in height, with strong erect stems, holding large flowers close to the bush. Large and dark green foliage, vigorous. The plant is fertile both ways. Received AWARD of Merit at the National Exhibition 1993. Bulletin #290.

COMMAND PERFORMANCE (Don Hollingsworth 1996, Maryville, Missouri), June 5, 1996. Seedling #994. Parentage Lactiflora #139. Unnamed anemone x Good Cheer. First bloomed about 1980. Cardinal red (RGS 53A), bomb. No pollen or stamens. Moderate increase, one bud per stem, blooms midseason. Flower grows to a 7-inch globe, carpels greenish yellow, tipped pale pink. Strong fragrance. Height 30-32 inches, medium green foliage, veined lighter.

CONNIE VARNER (D. Steve Varner, Monticello, ID, July 6, 1996. Seedling #93050. Parentage, Miss America x Good Cheer. Single hybrid with three rows of petals, coral pink, much like Cytherea. It is reliable, stamens, pollen with good substance, floriferous, one bud per stem, 38 inches in height with excellent stem strength, long blooming, vigorous with good foliage. Garden description name is "hot pink." A large ring of pollen, excellent garden carrying power. Named for my daughter-in-law,Connie Varner.

CORALBA (Maurice Menard, Laval Quebec, Canada), July 7, 1996. Parentage Peregrina Lobata. Early hybrid single. Two rows of light coral pink petals. Interior base tinted cream. Tulip type flower on a 30" plant with strong stems.

CORA LOUISE (Roger F. Anderson), Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, 1986. Itoh double hybrid. Seedling #A80-02. First bloomed 1984. Parentage, double white lactiflora x Reath hybrid tree. Pure white double with lavender flares. This Itoh is flat in form, reliable with average amount of bloom on good strong stems, dark green foliage, and blooms at mid-season. Flowers are held above the 24" bush. No pollen or seeds. Some fragrance. Named after Grandmother, Bulletin #259.