(Compiled by Greta M. Kessenich, Registrar, Nomenclature Department) p. 14









INSPIRATION (D. Steve Varner, Monticello, Illinois), Jan. 31,1996. Seedling number 6015 (America x Moonrise), Rose Scarlet hybrid, double row, single, waved and ruffled. A hybrid of good strong color of rose-scarlet. It has strong stems with one bud each. 31" in height, blooms midseason. Excellent pod and pollen parent. Bulletin #298.

IVORY ATLAS (Roy G. Klehm, Klehm Nursery), June, 1994. Seedling #K37- 8. White single lactiflora. Excellent amount of bloom, good substance. Fragrant, has pollen and seeds. Very strong, thick stems, 36" height, early, very dark green and luxurious foliage. It has a double row of guard petals, rather tall grower, good cupped flower form. Bulletin #291.

IVORY TREASURE (Roy G. Klehm), June 15, 1988. Seedling #107H. Anemone hybrid. Parentage, line bred Bowl of Cream. First bloomed 1974. White/gold exotic, fantastically colored and formed anemone peony. It is reliable, ample amount of bloom with good substance. A fragrant flower, 28-30" in height, strong stems, luxuriant deep green foliage. It has a large flower with seeds, no pollen, no stamens. Mid-season bloom. Bulletin #267.

IVORY VICTORY (Roy G. Klehm), June 15, 1988. Seedling #121L. Double lactiflora, Parentage, 932H x Bowl of Cream. First bloomed 1969. White/ivory double, with peek-a-boo petaloides; very floriferous. A good cut flower or garden plant. Good substance, stamens, pollen, no seeds, fragrant, reliable with good amount of bloom. 28" height, good strong stems, mid-season bloom, good vigor and foliage. Named in honor of The Victory Gardens Horticulture programs. Bulletin #267.

JEWELL OF INDIA (Lyman D. Glasscock), May 30, 1986. Registered Elizabeth Glasscock Falk. Parentage unknown, and no seedling number. Semi-double hybrid. Uncertain of first year bloomed. Brilliant red, semi- double, tall, vigorous, good bloom, 33" with strong, straight stems and large foliage. It does have pollen and seeds. Bulletin #259.

JUBILATION (Hollingsworth, Maryville, Missouri), June 5, 1996. Seedling #397. Parentage Pink Princess x Laura Magnuson - Ruby Red (RHS 64A) hybrid, double, large petals, large flower to 8" wide by 4" deep with mild fragrance, with pollen, few stamens, small carpels. Ruby red at opening, passing lighter. A very vigorous plant, moderate increase. Bloomed before 1980. Tall 38". Blooms medium late. Foliage dusky deep green.

JUNIOR MISS (Roy Pehrson; registered by William J. Seidl), April 12, 1989. Seedling # none. Garden name has always been "Jr. Miss." Double lactiflora. Parentage Laura Dessert x unknown. First bloomed (guess) about 1972, received from Roy in 1978. Medium pink, lighter in dry weather. Very tight full double bud. This full double flower has no carpels or stamens. Does not always open well; it must have cool weather or ample moisture to open to perfection. 40" height, good stem strength, holds flower well even when wet. Very late, slow to establish and increase, good foliage.

LAFAYETTE ESCADRILLE (Roy Pehrson; registered by William J. Seidl), April 12, 1989. No seedling number, labeled "RPWS-19" by Seidl. Class, Itoh hybrid lactiflora. Parentage Lactiflora x lutea hybrid, possibly "Thunderbolt." First year bloomed (guess) 1974-1976. Rec'd. from Roy in 1979. Small 3-4" single black red, 10 petaled terminal flowers, bloom just on top of foliage, followed by a few late stems w/o laterals that bloom still higher. Vigorous plant, 30" height, dense green segmented leaves - young foliage deep red, remaining for some time. Somewhat narrowed petals. No seed, and extremely sparce pollen. An excellent landscape plant for foliage. Bulletin #272.