(Compiled by Greta M. Kessenich, Registrar, Nomenclature Department) p. 15








LANCASTER IMP (Dr. in PA, record lost) - registered by Roy Klehm, August 14, 1987. Smaller bomb type lactiflora, slightly red, early streaking. Many smooth buds, nice guard petals, very floriferous, 26 inches tall. It has good substance, and fragrant. Bulletin #264.

LAVON (Don Hollingsworth), April 14, 1993. Seedling # Hollingsworth 1859. Parentage Nippon Gold x Cytherea. Bloomed before 1980. Lacti type of hybrid origin, high built, full double flower of medium pink and medi- um yellow, two-tone, mild fragrance late midseason. Large flower, yellow staminodes make up a prominent collar and are repeated at center of open flower. Long stems, good cutting flower. Moderate increase, reliable. Strong stems. Flower displayed well above the foliage. Award of Merit 1992. Bulletin #286.

LEONA WEINBERGER (R. W. Tischler), 1993. Seedling A-90; parentage unknown. Medium-colored pink bomb type. Blooms midseason. As the bloom gets older, the color changes to a light pink or white. Blooms are 5 to 6 inches in size, with many blooms per plant. Very easy opening blooms - plant 28 to 30 inches tall, with fairly strong stems. Excellent foliage. The right size flower for arrangements and basket display. Bulletin #288. Dec., 1933.

LIGHTS OUT (Roy G. Klehm), Klehm Nursery, June, 1995. Seedling #K38- 11. Single lactiflora, very dark red, two rows of guard petals, 6" flower. Smaller gold outer of stamens, good foliage and vigorous. Pollen, stamens and seeds. 36" height, good stem strength, blooms early. 2-4 buds per stem. Bulletin #295.

LINGERIE (Granville L. Hall, Gloucester, Virginia), May 17, 1994. Parentage, Festiva Maxima, open pollinated. First bloomed 1989. Double blush pink, only one bud per stem. Height 36", fair stem strength. Foliage dark green. This blush pink ball has uniform petals across the dome, which is about 7" diameter. Light red garnish near center of the ball. Bulletin #291.

LITTLE DARLIN' (Roger F. Anderson), Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin, 1986. Itoh, semi-double hybrid. Seedling #A81-16. First bloomed 1985. Parentage: Martha W. x Reath hybrid tree. Lavender pink bloom with dark purple flares. It is cup-shaped with blooms measuring 3-4" when fully open. It is reliable with above average bloom on a 20" plant with good stem strength. Mid-season bloom. No pollen or seeds. Vigorous and very gooddark green foliage. In its second year it had 24 blooms. Bulletin #259.

LITTLE ONE PATIENCE (Zlatana Jennie Draskovich), Gary, Indiana, June 6, 1996. Seedling #Z2400. Parentage, Colchicine treated Mons Jules Elie x Colchicine treated Elsa Sass. White single lactiflora, stamens, pollen, seeds. Excellent stem strength, 38-inch blooms in late mid-season, medium green foliage. The center stamen give the bloom a yellow glow in strong sunlight. A few carpels are tipped pink. Until I was four, I thought the name of a pretty white peony was little on patience. It was my grandmother Zoe Ion VanHouten admonishing me. Photo on file. Bulletin #299.