(Compiled by Greta M. Kessenich, Registrar, Nomenclature Department) p. 26









SUMMERS PRELUDE (Roy G. Klehm), Klehm Nursery, June, 1995. Rose pink lactiflora, Japanese. Good substance, 6"-61/2"-wide bloom. 2-4 side buds. Japanese style, double row large rose pink guard petals with tightly packed center of boss stamenoides. Vigorous, abundant bloomer, pollen, good stem strength. 30-32" height, blooms mid-season, good foliage. Bulletin #295.

SUMMER SUNSHINE (Roy G. Klehm), Klehm Nursery, June, 1995. White Japanese lactiflora. First bloomed about 1970. Lois Klehm selected this Roy Klehm seedling - Japanese white with gold center - because it has neat petal crinkling, and unusual amount of lateral and terminal bloom buds. Reliable, good substance, excellent stem strength, 36" in height, mid-season bloom, excellent foliage. 2-4 buds per stem. Bulletin #295.

SUNDAY CHIMES (Don Hollingsworth, Maryville, Missouri), June 30, 1996. Seedling #1668. Parentage Shell Pink (a Macrophylla hybrid), open pollinated. First bloomed about 1980. Single hybrid of light pink (RHS 65- D). This cupped flower has stamens, pollen and seeds with light sweet fragrance. An abundant amount of bloom, reliable, one bud per stem, occasionally side buds. Early bloom, flower is accented by ruby red stigmas with a circle of yellow anthers. 36 inches in height, strong stems, vigorous.

SWEET MELODY (Don Hollingsworth, Kansas City, Missouri), April 15, 1992. Seedling # Hollingsworth 385, semi-double lactiflora. Parentage unknown; grown of seed supplied by E. L. Pehrson. First year bloomed, before 1980. This baby ribbon medium pink, semi-double lactiflora has light yellow stamens, pollen and seeds. Medium tall, 34-36" with good stem strength, medium green foliage. Reliable, blooming from mid season to mid-late. Bulletin #282. June, 1992.

SYDNEY (Galen Burrell, Ridgefield, Washington), Oct. 18, 1995. Parentage P. molokosewitschi x P. mascula x P. obovata. Pink hybrid fading to white, with stamens, pollen and seeds, reliable, one bud per stem. Blooms about the same time as P. tenuifolia. Pink flowers have darker pink veining. After 5 or 6 days the flower turns white. After blooming, the large round leaves which are 5-6 inches in diameter, become variegated with light green leaves and dark green veining. Seedlings from the plant are also variegated. Height of plant 30-36 inches. Good stem strength. Bulletin #296.

TERRIFIC GAL (Roy G. Klehm), Klehm Nursery, June, 1995. Seedling #KR47-18. Japanese lactiflora of deep rose pink, double row of strong guard petals of deep rose pink. Nice small yellow center, light yellow pistils. 5-51/2" bloom, with strong stems, 24" in height. Good substance, pollen, seeds, stamens, fragrant. Excellent carriage and garden form. 2 buds per stem. Bulletin #295.

TOPEKA MIDNIGHT (Myron D. Bigger, Topeka, Kansas), Oct. 5, 1991. This flower was found growing in my seven-acre field. No seedling number. This peony is classed as a deep dark dark red. Flower, full double. Good stem strength and nice foliage. Bulletin #280.

TOPEKA STATUE (Myron D. Bigger, Topeka, Kansas), Oct. 5,1991. Seedling #7-65, parentage unknown. This light pink to white Japanese-type flower is a large goblet form with a yellow center. Height about three feet with stiff stems. Good foliage. Bulletin #280.