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DEFENDER (Franklin) - Name changed to AVENDER . Double - Red. Bulletin 94, pg. 15 List in Bulletin 91.

DEFENDER (Saunders, 1929) - Single - Red - Hybrid. Very large dark mahogany crimson, with a mass of silky stamens. Albiflora x officinalis. Bulletin 37.

DEFIANCE (Terry) - Syn. NORTHBROOK. Single - Red. M.

DELACHEI (Delache, 1856) - Syn. EMPEROR OF RUSSIA. Double - Violet-Crimson - DISCARDED.

DE LAUN (Lewis, 1921) - Double - Red - M.

DELECOURT VERHILLE (Verhille, 1860) - Double - Lilac-White - DISCARDED - M.

DELICATISSIMA - Syn. FLORAL TREASURE (Rosenfield, 1900) - Double - Pink - Mid to Late. Fragrant. Clear delicate pink. Large flower, fine bud, strong stems. A fine cut flower variety. M.

DELIGHT (Sass, 1937) - Jap. - Pink. Apple blossom pink. Bulletin 69.

DELILAH (Barr) - Also attributed to Terry. - Double - Pink - DISCARDED - M.

DELPHI (Saunders, 1932) - Double - Red - Late - Hybrid - DISCARDED. Bright dark red. Bulletin 37 List in Bulletin 129.

DENIS DEBATENE (Doriat, 1926) - Double - Pink - Midseason. Medium height. Rose fragrance. Large round guard petals of dark silvery pink with a globular center of shorter petals of the same color mingled with lighter ones and some petaloids of salmon pink, stems medium height, quite strong. List in Bulletin 60. M.

DENISE (Lemoine, 1924) - Double - Blush - Late Midseason. Delightful rose fragrance. This very large white with a decided pink tone and usually quite prominent red markings on its center petals, though these are sometimes quite faint. Borne on very strong, upright stems of medium height and having delightful rose fragrance, ranks among Lemoine's best and most dependable. List in Bulletin 60. M.

DENMARK (Lewis, 1921) - Jap. - Pink - M.

DEPARTING SUN (Origin Unknown) - Jap. - Pink Dark - Midseason. Height 2' to 3'. Faint fragrance, Very large. Dark rose-pink or light crimson, touched with lilac at the tops and edges, lighter at the base of the petals; compact center of crowded petaloids dark rose on one side and lighter on the other, curling and twisting so that both colors commingle; tips yellow; carpels pale greenish yellow-white at the base and pink at the tips; growth strong; free-blooming. Foliage good dark green. Very distinct and handsome. M.

DEPARTING SUN (Wilkus, 1925) - Single - Red - Midseason. This is a very good dark red single, not to be confused with the Jap. variety. Departing Sun, M.

DESCARTES (Dessert-Mechin, 1885) - Double - Amaranth-Red - DISCARDED, M.

DESIRE (Brand, 1923) - Double - Pink - Midseason. 2' high. Rich rose fragrance. Large. Soft rose-pink, slightly tinted with lilac; frequently develops a spreading crown surmounting a narrow collar of waxy yellow; no stamens but some small petals bear aborted anthers; moderately floriferous. Foliage medium, light green, thrifty. This variety is occasionally extraordinarily good, but flowers on young plants are apt to be rough and irregular. M.

DETROIT (Auten, 1948) - Double - Red - Early. Medium height. A very large red bomb, fairly early. Auten catalog, 1955.

D. H. HUGHES (Origin Unknown) - Single - White - M.

DIADEM (Andrews, 1932) - Jap. - Red - Midseason. Rich red guards with staminodes same color tipped yellow. List in Bulletin 91.

DIADEM (Franklin, 1931) - Double - Pink - Late. 32" high. Fragrant. Large cup shape, dark pink. Stiff stems with foliage to the ground. Bulletin 47.

DIADEM (Saunders, 1950) - Now BRIGHT DIADEM. Single - Golden Ivory. List in Bulletin 129.

DIA JO DUHAN (Millet) - Jap. - Pink (Incorrect spelling of DAI-JO-KUHAN). This variety produces blooms in clusters of 4 to 6 blooms per cluster. It is a deep pink with small, short stamens. Letter from Mr. Peyton.

DIANA (Origin Unknown) - Jap. - Deep Crimson Maroon. M.

DIANA (Sass, 1930) - Double - White - Late. Tall. Large, pure white on tall stems. Bulletin 43.

DIANA PARKS (Bockstoce, 1942) - Double - Red - Hybrid. 42" tall. Pleasing fragrance. Single row of guard petals fully formed. The center is full of lacinated petals entirely surrounding the base, which converge into full, uniform petals throughout the balance of the bloom. Texture and color splendid and seems to be resistant to the sun. General effect, full rose. Officinalis x albiflora. Bulletin 87.

DIANNE (Rosenfield, 1948) - Double - Pink. Rosenfield list.

DIANTHA (Saunders, 1942) - Single - Salmon-Pink. Early - Hybrid. About 2' high. An adorable early salmon-pink. Light grey-green leaves. Officinalis x decora alba. Lists in Bulletins 91 & 129.

DIEPPE (Keagey, 1946) - Double - Light Pink - Late Midseason. Medium height. No fragrance. This is a large, fully transformed, rose-shaped flower of pale lavender pink with an overcast of neutral tints and crimson like tones at the base of the central petals. Staminode-like filaments in the deep center are usually discernible. Its foliage is dark green and the stems are green in color and strong. Bulletin 101.

DIEUDONNE (Brethour, 1936) - Double - Pink and White. Tall. A tall, commanding variety with strong stems bearing large flowers in clusters. The color is a pink and white which holds. This peony commands attention from a distance. Bulletin 65.

DIGNITY (Murawska, 1943) - Jap. - Red - Midseason. Guards dark red, large center of fully transformed staminodes, bright red heavily edged and tipped yellow. Carpels yellow-green, tipped light coral. Disc inconspicuous white. List in Bulletin 93.

DIRECTEUR AUBRY (Crousse, 1897) - Double - Amaranth - DISCARDED. M.

DIRECTEUR URSAT (Doriat, 1925) - Double - Pink - Early. Medium height. Large, light pink guards with yellow tinted globular center, medium height on fair stems. Opens to a loose bomb or crown type flower. List in Bulletin 60. M