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OWEN F. HUGHES (Phillips, 1953) - Single - Light Pink - Late Midseason. Dwarf. Seedling of MISCHIEF x Cilo. Slender stems, standing up straight. Flowers are small, light pink, fading orchid. The carpels are pink with red tips. Foliage is medium green. Named for his grandfather. Notable for its low growth and dainty flowers. Bulletin 128.

OZARK BEAUTY (Wild Bros., 1950) - Double - Pink - Late. Medium height. (Seedling No. 4 Pink Random). Large dark shell pink with a deeper pink under color and a distinct silvery sheen. Rose type, very free blooming on strong stems. The entire crop of flowers opens within a very few days producing a very showy plant. Bulletin 118.

PADEREWSKI (Kelway) - Double - Pink - Midseason.

PAGEANT (Saunders, 1941) - Single - Pink - Hybrid. 4' tall. A spectacular 4' tall single pink witn an immense splash of long gold stamens. The heart alone is 4" across. Triple hybrid, albiflora, officinalis, macrophylla. Saunders 1955 catalog. Lists in Bulletins 91 and 129.

PALADIN (Saunders, 1950) - Semi-Double - Red - Hybrid. Very glowing carmine-red, loosely semi-double. The most cerise of the reds of this strain. Albiflora x lobata. List in Bulletin 129. Saunders 1955 catalog.

PALE PRIMROSE (Saunders, 1951) Name changed to STARLIGHT. Single - Pale Yellow – Hybrid. Letter from Miss Saunders, 1955. List in Bulletin 129.

PALLAS (Terry) Semi-Double - Pink - Early Midseason. Rather dwarf. Large. Very long petals of delicate flesh-pink, paling to white in the center. Very floriferous, strong stems. Medium foliage. M.

PANDORA (Guille, 1952) - Double - Rose Pink - Early. Tall. Its large, full double, flat flowers of rose pink are carried on strong stems, tall and heavy. The plants reach a large size soon and make excellent garden subjects. Bulletin 127.

PAPAVERIFLORA (Lemon, 1825) - Double - White - DISCARDED - Midseason.

PAPER WHITE - Shown by Walter Guille, Bulletin 122, page 9.

PAPILIO (Saunders, 1950) Single - Pale Salmon Pink - Hybrid. Quadruple hybrid: albiflora, officinalis, macrophylla, and Mlokosewitchi. List in Bulletin 129.

PARADISE (Hollis, 1907) - Double - Pink - Early Midseason. Medium height. Slightly scented. Very large. Outer petals light flesh-pink, paling to nearly white in the center; free flowering. M.

PARAGON (Richmond) - Double - Red - Midseason. Brilliant red. A good cut flower. Richmond's 1952 catalog and 1955 list.

PARTY GOWN (Kelsey, 1940) - Double - White. Glistening white double with the sheen of a white satin gown. Large sized blooms, good substance, distinction. Shimmering loveliness well dressed. Bulletin 80.

PASSADUMKEAG (Guppy, 1935) - Single - Dark Red. Bulletin 60.

PASTEL (Nicholls, 1941) - Double - Salmon Pink. Double of rose form. Of medium size. Light salmon pink that fades but little in sun. Strong stems and nice habit. Very beautiful color. No. 217 from Walter Faxon. Bulletin 83.

PASTEUR (Crousse, 1896) - Double - Pink - Late Midseason. Tall. Faint fragrance. Large. Pale pink on large outer petals, the long, curled, central petals almost white with a green center deep in the flower; free flowering, stout stems. Good foliage. M.

PATHFINDER (Auten, 1939) - Double - Pink - Late Midseason. Full double, medium pink; late midseason; heavy substance; good for cutting. Bulletin 80.

PATIENCE (Auten, 1933) - Double - White - Late - DISCARDED. Tall. Cream white double, flat bloom, incurved petals, very chaste. Stem fair. Bulletin 54. List in Bulletin 91.

PATRICIA (Auten, 1931) - Semi-Double - Blush - Early. Extra tall. Large gracefully formed bloom on extra tall stems. Lasts well as a cut flower. Received much favorable comment at shows. A world famous hybridizer said it was well worthy of introduction. Bulletin 47.

PATRICIAN (Kelsey, 1936) - Double - Pink - Midseason. Medium height. A beautiful variety hard to describe. Pink guard petals turning lighter at base, shading toward crown with a deeper pink. A charming combination of colors. Stems strong. Light colored foliage. List in Bulletin 109.

PATRIOT (Saunders, 1943) - Single - Red - Hybrid. Tall. .Bright crimson goblets held high.Pure color; vigorous plant. Parentage unknown. List in Bulletins 91 and 129.

PATTY (Auten, 1939) - Double - Pink - Late Midseason. A very unusual and charming shade of pink, might be called salmon pink. Bloom and plant not large. Extra fine for cutting and table decoration. Catalogs and Bulletin 80.

PAUL BUNYAN (Lins, 1955) - Double - Rose - Late Midseason. Tall. Large, deep lilac. Strong stems. Large deep green foliage extending to the ground. Color good in all lights. Bulletin 138.

PAUL FISCHER (Richardson, 1904) - Double - Pink - DISCARDED - Midseason.

PAULINE HUNDRED - Double - White. Bulletin 81, page 9.

PAUL REVERE (Auten, 1939) - Double - Dark Red - Late Midseason. Full high built bloom on good plant. Similar to Harry L. Richardson, but much less purple in it. Bulletin 80.

PEACE (Kelway) - Double - White - List in Bulletin 93.

PEACE (Murawska, 1955) - Double - White. This double white will not be introduced until 1955. Bulletin 133.

PEACHBLOW (Shaylor, 1938) - Semi-Double - Peach Pink - Very Early. Height 2 ½'. Very early blooming (just after officinalis, some years blooming at the same time), semi-double, and double flowers. Color a uniform, delicate peach pink. Flowers 7 to 8" in diameter. Its outstanding characteristic is its earliness of bloom and color, which is distinct. Bulletin 71