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THURLOW WEED (Weed Nursery) - Single - Deep Pink - Midseason. List in Bulletin 91.

TIGET TIGER (Saunders, 1935) - Hybrid - DISCARDED. List in Bulletin 91.

TILLIENOONE (Guppy, 1932) - Single - Deep Bright Red. Bulletin 49.

TING LING (Franklin, 1943) - Jap. - Light Red - Midseason. Light red with narrow staminodes of same color. Side buds open to form a perfect triangle and completely cover the seed pod on the carpel stem. List in Bulletin 93.

TINKA PHILLIPS (Phillipe, 1953) - Double - Blush Pink - Early Midseason. Tall. Seedling of Rose Here. Heavy stems and strong. Foliage dark, waxy green. Full double, glowing rose salmon with light green carpels, tipped pink. Early midseason bloomer. A spectacular landscape variety unlike any other. Named for his daughter. Bulletin 128.

TINT O'DAWN - Pink - Bulletin 114, page 44.

TINY TIM (Kelsey, 1941) - Semi-Double - Light Pink - Early Midseason. Miniature semi-double light pink. Very interesting due to its small size making it most desirable for arrangements. Flower is formed like the old familiar variety Marie Jacquin. Bloom ranges in size from 1-1/2" to 3". List in Bulletin 109.

TIRA (Franklin, 1939) - Double - Pink - Late Midseason. Tall. True rose form, Claire Dubois pink. Long petals curving outward at the edges in a true rose manner. Stiff stems. Bulletin 76.

TIRCINIA (Franklin) Mis-spelling of TITANIA. Bulletin 79, page 23; Bulletin 81, page 20; Bulletin 82, page 35.

TITAN (Origin unknown) - Single - White - Midseason.

TODMORDEN (Scott, 1942) - Double - White - Late. White with substance and appeal. List in Bulletin 91.

TITANIA (Franklin, 1940) - Double. Honorable Mention at Rochester, Minn., 1940, but listed as Tircinia. Bulletin 79, page 23. Again, Bulletin 81, page 20. Corrected in Bulletin 82, page 35. List in Bulletin 91.

TITANIA (Kelsey, 1936) - Semi-Double - White - Late Midseason. Very large, glistening white with yellow stamens. Semi-Double. Some bloom full double. List in Bulletin 109.

TITANIC (Franklin) - Double - Pink - Late. Tall. Very dark pink; tall strong stems. Good cut flower. Franklin 1955 catalog.

TO KALON (Kelsey, 1936) Greek for THE BEAUTIFUL. Double - White - Late Midseason. A perfectly formed and finished double white. Opens pearly white and holds it loveliness a long time. Judged a perfect bloom by a group of twenty flower lovers. "Gold overlaid with silver and wrought into a perfect arrangement of petals; that's TO KALON. It is distinctive on account of the golden tones coming from the depth of the flower. Bloom, large rose formation, good strong stems with dense foliage to the ground." Kelsey. Bulletin 80.

TOKIO (Origin unknown) - Jap. - Pink - Midseason. Introduced by Dessert, 1910. Tall. Bitter medicinal odor. Large, cupped, waving guard-petals of dull rose-pink; center composed of large, loose staminodes, narrow at the base with wide tips tinted pale yellow and stained pink on the upper half, with buff edges; carpels green, white at base, with pale pink tips. Vigorous; fairly floriferous; strong, stiff stems. Dark broad foliage. An excellent variety, very similar to, but undoubtedly inferior to Tamate-Boku, from which it is distinguished by taller growth, slightly color, and pinkish carpels. M.

TOM BERKLEY (Sass, 1941) - Double - Pink - Midseason to Late. 28" tall. Double, rose type. Large globular flowers in color light pink. Stems stout and erect. Large foliage clear to the ground. Bulletin 83.

TOM THUMB (Terry) - Double - Pink - Midseason.

TOM TINKER (Auten, 1930) - Single - Red - Early. Medium height. An early, medium sized dark red single. Free bloomer, striking for landscape. Bulletin 43.

TONDELEYO (Lins, 1942) - Double - Pink - Medium Late. Seedling No. R-2-101. Full double vivid dark pink. Three year old plants 42" high. Strong stiff stems, foliage all the way down. Medium late bloomer. Bulletin 90.

TONTI (Auten, 1933) - Single - Red - Early. Tall. Brilliant light red single. Stiff stems. List in Wild 1955 catalog - "early." Bulletin 54.

TONY BOY (Kundred, 1951) - Double - White - Midseason. Medium height. Fragrance not marked. Double pompom type opening with a delightfully different blush and greenish blend that slowly fades to white except for one petal on each flower which holds a light green color throughout the life of the flower. Guard petals are usually well formed and regularly spaced as well as being larger than usual and so form a beautiful base for the well formed pompom which holds its shape very well, they are blush when opening. Flowers medium in size. Good plant habit. Introduced by Ernest I. Stahly, Gosehn, Ind., with the above description. Listed by Krekler, 1955.

TOPAZ - Jap. - Rose Pink. Mentioned by Mr. Peyton - Bulletin 51, page 29.

TOPEKA (Auten, 1938) - Double - Red - Hybrid. A bright red bomb. Officinalis x albiflora. (List in Bulletin 129 gives the date, as 1946.) (This must be an error because it was registered in 1938.) Bulletin 72.

TORCHLIGHT (Lyman, 1939) - Jap. - Pink or Red. (Anemone Jap) Deep rose pink or red, red in bud. Two rows of rounded petals of clear color. Ball form of petaloids, deep rose, pointed and tipped with white, narrow but wider than Harriet Cory. Strong and of splendid appearance. Bulletin 81.

TOREADOR (Wettengel, 1923) - Single - Red - Very Late. Tall. Light red. Large. Bulletin 18.

TORO-NO-MAKI (Origin unknown) - Jap. - White - Midseason. Medium height. Slightly fragrant. Japanese type, very large; long undulated guard-petals of pale blush-white, fading to pure white; center composed of whitish staminodes edged and suffused yellow at the tips; pale green carpels, with pink and yellow tips and a creamy base. Good growth, fairly floriferous; strong stems. Good foliage. Very similar to Isani Gidui. A handsome variety which occasionally varies to anemone form by all staminodes changing to narrow, pure white petals. "Introduced by B. N. Farr." Fewkes. M.