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TORPILLEUR (Dessert, 1913) - Jap. - Red - Midseason. Medium height. Slightly fragrant. Japanese type, large. Deep rose-red or light crimson guards, held horizontally around a large cluster of staminodes of the same color tipped pink and yellow; pale green carpels with red tips and a pink base; slightly fragrant. Strong growth; floriferous. Excellent foliage. Frequently "feathers" in the center. A very distinct variety, particularly in the way the guard petals are arranged. M.

TORQUEMADA (Kelway, 1895) - Double - Pink - DISCARDED - Midseason.

TOURANGELLE (Dessert, 1910) - Double - Light Pink - Late. Medium height. Pleasant fragrance, mild. A compact, almost bomb-like flower of many irregularly disposed petals; pale cream-white with a tan suffusion in the depths, toning to flesh-pink in the center. Floriferous, bending stems. Rather small foliage. A handsome, very richly colored flower which requires time to develop to its best form. Needs support if used for decoration in the garden. "The color might better be described as a pale apple-blossom pink. At its best Tourangelle is one of the most beautiful of all peonies." Saunders. "Not a very strong grower. Stems inclined to be weak." - Boyd. M.

TOWN CRIER (Auten, 1939) - Single - Red to White. Large single, shading from light red to near white, on a very fine plant. Striking in the field. Bulletin 80.

TRAGEDY (Hollis, 1909) - Double - Red - Midseason. Tall. Not fragrant. Double type, medium size. Globular form, dark glowing crimson. Free-flowering, erect stems. Good foliage. Not well known and listed by few growers; probably over-rated. "This is really a worth-while variety, the color being quite distinct, verging on amaranth." - Fewkes. M

TRAIL'S END (Neeley, 1936) - Double - Pink - Late. Tall. Soft pink. Large fluffy flower. List in Bulletin 91.

TREASURE CUP (Kelway) - Single - Pink - Late. Bulletin 54, page 19: At the National Peony Exhibition held on June 21-24, 1933 in Chicago, 111., Mr. Van Steen displayed TREASURE CUP, a Kelway origination. This is a ginie pink that comes late and keeps exceptionally well, we are told, either on the plant or as a cut bloom. The specimens we saw were very attractive.

TRINKET (Nicholls, 1941) - Double - White. Medium height. Double with wide petals fluted at edges. Glistening white with persistent yellow under-glow. Very small blooms on stiff stems. Strong substance and small size make it an excellent cut flower variety. Number 72 from LAURA DESSERT. Bulletin 83.

TRIOMPHE DE L'EXPOSITION DE LILLE (Calot, 1865) - Double - Pink - Midseason. 1930 Wild catalog: Larte, compact flower of rose type. Light shell-pink minutely splashed with violet-rose; guard petals fade to nearly white. Strong grower and very free bloomer. Not a new one, but very desirable. Midseason. M.

TRIOMPHE DU NORD (Miellez, 1850) - Double - Pink - DISCARDED - Midseason.

TROJAN (Kelway) - Double - Pink - Midseason.

TRUMPETER (Sass, 1949) - Double - Red - Midseason to late midseason. Medium height. Bright medium to dark red. Seedling No. 35-5. Parentage: Fuyago x Red seedling No. 10-31 (Hans P. Sass). The flower is large, of good form, somewhat resembling Le Cygne, cupped and rather globular with narrow inner petals. There are no stamens evident. The color is very brilliant. Foliage: light green and medium sized, extending to the ground. Stems: medium height and somewhat bending but not weak. Bulletin 122.

T. S. HOPE SIMPSON (Kelway) - Single - Amaranthine-Purple - Midseason.

TUCKDAWA (Jones) - Double - White - Late. New large white, pink tints. Tuckdawa Flower Garden 1955 catalog.

TULAGI (Lins, 1945) - Jap. - Red - Midseason. Tall. Large brilliant red bloom composed of pure red collar with large cluster of refined deeper red petaloids, which never feather. Sturdy perfect plants. Makes a beautiful lawn or garden specimen. Lins Ad in Bulletin 117.

TWENTIETH CENTURY (Hollis, 1908) - Double - Tyrian-Rose - Midseason.

TWO-IN-ONE (Bockstoce, 1955) - Double - Red - Early - Hybrid. 4 or more ft. in height. Tall thick stems. Large flat flowers are composed of two blooms in one, having two complete sets of petals, stigmas and stamens in one bloom. A beautiful flower. Hybrid from a cross of an officinalis with albiflora on a 1F single red with an albiflora double. (White or pink.) Bulletin 136.

TYDEUS (Barr) - Single - Rose Pink - Midseason.

ULTIMA (Franklin, 1942) - Double - White - Very Late. Creamy white tinted blush. List in Bulletin 9.1.

UMBELLATA ROSEA (Dessert, 1895) Syn. Sarah Bernhardt. (Dessert) - Double - Pink - Early -DISCARDED. 1930 Wild catalog: Large, rose type, guard violet-rose, shading lighter, strong, upright grower and free bloomer; early. A fine pink. M.

UNA HOWARD (Kelway, 1929) - Semi-Double - Red. Bright glowing reddish carmine turing to pure carmine. Short petals surrounding the crest of broad central petals. Bulletin 38.

UNCLE BILL (Klehm, 1954) - Double - Dark Rose Pink - Midseason. Tall. Seedling No. 77B. Parentage not given. Dark rose pink double, has immense plant-like flowers on tall strong stems. An outstanding garden variety. Bulletin 133.

UNCLE REMUS (Auten, 1931) - Semi-Double - Red. Tall. Very rich velvety "black" red semi-double, medium size bloom on tall stiff stems. Color holds. Possibly darker than Mons. Martin Cahuzac. Medium size. Bulletin 47 - List in Bulletin 61.