F.C. Stern A Study of the Genus Paeonia (1946)

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chapter I Keys and Classification

chapter II Summary of Paeony species

Section Moutan Subsection Vaginatae

Section Moutan Subsection Delavayanae

Section Onaepia

Section Paeon Subsection Foliolatae

Section Paeon Subsection Dissectifoliae

Discussion of the Geographical Distribution

chapter III Enumeration of the Species

1 P.suffruticosa Andrews

2 P.suffruticosa Andrews var. spontanea Rehder

3 P.Delavayi Franchet

4 P.lutea Delavay ex Franchet

5 P. Potanini Komarov

6 P.Potanini var. trollioides (Stapf ex F. C. Stern) F. C. Stern

7 P.Brownii Douglas ex Hooker

8 P.californica Nutt. ex Torrey & Gray

9 P.Mlokosewitschi Lomakin

10 P.Wittmanniana Hartwiss ex Lindley

11 P.Wittmanniana Hartw. ex Lindl. var. nudicarpa Schipczinsky

12 P.Wittmanniana Hartw. ex Lindl. var. macrophylla (Albow) Busch ex Grossheim

13 P.Cambessedesii (Willk.) Willkomm in Willkomm & Lange

14 P.Russi Bivona

15 P.Russi var. Reverchoni Le Grand

16 P.Russi var. leiocarpa (Cosson) F. C. Stern

17 P.mascula Miller

18 P.daurica Andrews

19 P.banatica Rochel

20 P.kesrouanensis Thiebaut

21 P.obovata Maximowicz

22 P.obovata Maxim var. Willmottiae (Stapf) F.C. Stern

23 P.japonica (Makino) Miyabe & Takeda

24 P.Mairei Leveille

25 P.oxypetala Handel-Mazzetti

26 P.arietina Anderson

27 P.arietina var. orientalis (Thiebaut) F. C. Stern

28 P.rhodia W. T. Stearn

29 P.Bakeri Lynch

30 P.Broteri Boissier & Reuter

31 P.coriacea Bossier

32 P.coriacea var. atlantica (Cosson) F. C. Stern

33 P.lactiflora Pallas

34 P.lactiflora Pallas var. trichocarpa (Bunge) F. C. Stern

35 P.emodi Wall. ex Royle

36 P.emodi Wall. ex Royle var. glabrata Hook. f. & Thoms

37 P.peregrina Miller

38 P.officinalis L. emend. Willdenow

39 P.Clusii F. C. Stern

40 P.humilis Retzius

41 P.humilis var. villosa (Huth) F.C. Stern

42 P.mollis Anderson

43 P.tenuifolia L.

44 P.anomala L.

45 P.anomala L. var. intermedia (C. A. Meyer) 0. & B. Fedtschenko

46 P.Veitchii Lynch

47 P.Veitchii Lynch var. Woodwardii (Stapf& Cox), F. C. Stern

chapter IV History of Paeony Literature

part 1 (-1700)

part 2 (1701- 1800)

part 3 (1801- 1900)

part 4 (1901-)

appendix 1 Names and synonymes of peony species

appendix 2 Literature